Sneak Peek House Listings for September 23rd

111 Autumn Cove - $399,000

111 Autumn Cove, Madison, AL 35756

4 Bed | 3 Bath | 2,200 sqft

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1409 Liberty Drive - $149,900

1409 Liberty Drive, Madison, AL 35758

2nd Floor Condo | 2 Bed | 2 Bath | 1,002

Talk to an MC Agent today for more info or call 256-270-9393!

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Real Estate Agent vs. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) 

When selling a house, there are two main routes you can take; using a real estate listing agent or selling the house yourself. The second route is called “for sale by owner” or “FSBO”. According to the National Association of Realtors, NAR, FSBOs only accounted for 7% of home sales in 2020. The real estate market has been a hot seller’s market recently which has more homeowners thinking about selling their house themselves in order to avoid paying a commission to a listing agent.

Here are the top five reasons you should consider hiring a real estate listing agent instead of doing a FSBO when selling a home in Huntsville, Alabama: 

#1 - Marketing

What do you think will help you sell…

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Real Estate Team vs. Solo Agent | What’s the Difference?

When you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Huntsville, AL area, hiring a real estate agent is essential to your success. The benefits of using a real estate team versus using a solo agent can be the difference between the results you expect and the results you actually end up with. 

There’s a simple analogy to explain the difference between using an entire real estate team versus using a single agent. Let’s say you're going out to eat for dinner, could you imagine going into a restaurant and the person that greets you is also the exact same person that shows up at your table to take your order? Not only are they taking your order but they're the person that's cooking your food,…

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Matt Curtis Real Estate Website Wins a 2022 Summit Creative Award

Matt Curtis Real Estate and Real Estate Webmasters have received an international award for website design! The Summit Creative Awards received over 3,400 submissions from more than 19 countries, out of all of those entries, received bronze for the 2022 Top Summit Creative Award.

With the Matt Curtis Real Estate team - real estate is done differently. A dedicated team boasting over $1 billion in real estate sales partnered up with tech giant REW to create a real estate experience that makes buying your home something to look forward to. Just taking a look at the Matt Curtis site, and you know right away that the user experience is the priority.


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Is Huntsville, Alabama Still Affordable?


We keep hearing that Huntsville is one of the most affordable cities in the United States, but is Huntsville really still affordable?

Housing Affordability in Huntsville

Overall affordability is measured using a few metrics, one of those metrics is the housing affordability index. If the housing affordability index score is 100, the median income for that city is 100% of what you would need to buy the median price range home for that area.

In Huntsville, housing affordability index numbers have actually continued to decrease. Locally, the score for single family homes is down to 78 compared to 119 in 2021 and 137 in 2020. The score for townhome affordability is down to 110 from 155 in 2021…

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Real Estate Capital Gains Tax Explained

A capital gains tax is a tax you pay on the profit you made from selling an asset. The tax paid covers the amount of profit - the capital gain - you made between the purchase price and sales price. In real estate, there are many factors that can decide if you have to pay capital gains tax and if so, how much. 

Real Estate Capital Gains Tax Question

I got a great question about real estate capital gains taxes from a viewer named Brett. Brett currently lives in Colorado and he purchased a home back in 1997 for $160,000. It's his primary residence, he and his wife live in that home, and they're now under contract to sell the home for $555,000 since they’re moving from Colorado to the Huntsville area. They…

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Are you thinking about buying a new construction home in Huntsville, Alabama? Matt Curtis Real Estate is here to help. Read below to learn about the pros and cons of new construction properties so you can decide on the best housing option when you search “homes for sale near me.” 

In the August Housing Update for Huntsville, Matt reports new construction is on sale due to a shift in builder strategy and other market factors. If you are in the market, now's a great opportunity to take advantage of the incentives builders are offering. 

Pros of Buying a New Construction Home

If you are looking at new homes in Huntsville, AL, there are important things to consider. Understanding the several benefits of purchasing a new property,…

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Huntsville, Alabama Housing Market Update

Real estate in Huntsville, Alabama has been growing steadily over the past decade. Read this article to learn more about the current state of the Huntsville housing market industry. 

With a population of nearly 500 ,000 people, the Huntsville, AL metro area  is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal. In recent months, Huntsville has seen an increase in new construction homes, a shift in interest rates, and changes in the real estate market. Several factors are affecting this month's housing market update, and the details are outlined below.

Federal Reserve Raises Overnight Rates

The Federal Reserve has raised our overnight rates again by 0.75% which is one of the…

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In an annual Gallup poll, Americans chose real estate as the best long-term investment. And it’s not the first time it’s topped the list, either. Real estate has been on a winning streak for the past eight years, consistently gaining traction as the best long-term investment (see graph below):

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home this year, this poll should reassure you. Even when inflation is rising like it is today, Americans agree an investment like real estate truly shines.

Why Is Real Estate a Great Investment During Times of High Inflation?

With inflation reaching its highest level in 40 years, it’s more important than ever to understand the financial benefits…

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Renting vs. buying is an important decision that affects many aspects of our lives. It’s also a big financial commitment. This article offers important points that outline the good and bad of renting versus owning your next home. Here are some things to consider before making a decision.

Renting Pros: 

  • Lower Payments

If you rent, you’re likely paying less than if you were to buy. You won’t be responsible for property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repairs. And because you’re not tied into a long-term contract, you can move at any time without penalty.

  • Flexibility

Renting also offers you flexibility not always given with homeownership. Leasing an apartment also gives you…

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