Interest Rate Shifts & Unique Homebuyer Opportunities

In an ever-evolving real estate landscape, buyers and sellers are navigating shifting interest rates that have transformed the market over the past year. Matt examines how these interest rate shifts may impact your housing decisions, whether you're a buyer seeking opportunities or a seller strategizing in today's unique environment. This article could assist you in deciding whether now is the best time to buy or sell your house in Huntsville, Alabama.

Interest Rate Shifts and Market Outlook

As buyers seem to be becoming accustomed to this higher interest rate environment, which transitioned from the high-2s and low-3s just a little over a year ago to the high-6s and low-7s this year, the market really seems to be settling out.

Many economists were predicting that we were hitting an inflection point and had truly bottomed out in terms of real estate. Depreciation in some markets, staying flat in others, and modest increases in many markets led many economists to predict that for the rest of this year and into 2024, we would see this inflection point starting from July, resulting in price and home sales increases.

Just as that happened, interest rates began to creep back up as the Fed continued to raise rates and other economic factors caused the 10-year Treasury bond, which mirrors the 30-year mortgage rate, to go up again. Currently, we're starting to see rates in the mid-7s and many economists are now predicting that we're marching all the way up to an 8% rate.

Unique Opportunity for Buyers

As we witness interest rates march up into the mid-7s and potentially reach an 8% range, I believe 8% is going to be a key psychological number. It took the market a while to adjust to 6% and then 7%, I think it’s going to take the market a while to adjust again to 8%.

As we move into a period with potentially 8% interest rates and a slower season as Q3 transitions into Q4, I believe this might not necessarily be the straw that breaks the camel's back, but we could begin to observe some weakness in terms of residential real estate sales pricing.

I believe Q4 will present a unique buying opportunity for many prospective buyers. Sellers will need to be more open to negotiation if they intend to sell their homes in this market. While rising interest rates pose a challenge, it's good news for buyers in terms of pricing. For those who can strategically manage interest rates or are able to pay in cash, this situation aligns with the 'marry your home day to rate' theme. In Q4, buyers will be rewarded with lower prices, and I'm already noticing new construction builders becoming increasingly aggressive in their pricing and promotions as they aim to clear their inventory by year-end. I believe this presents a unique window of opportunity for buyers to take advantage of the market.

Interest Rates, Inflation, and Election Dynamics

This presents a unique opportunity for several reasons. Firstly, I believe the Fed is engaged in a game of cat and mouse. While they've stated they're not afraid to raise interest rates if necessary, they haven't explicitly committed to further increases. Many are predicting a potential pause in interest rate hikes leading up to the next Fed meeting. In my opinion, they are attempting to bluff the market because they are aware that as interest rates potentially dip back down, especially into the mid-5% to possibly even 6% range, there are numerous prospective buyers on the sidelines waiting to enter the market. This surge in demand will outstrip the available supply.

What will this do? It will likely continue to drive inflation back up. The Fed is attempting to instill fear in the marketplace, suggesting the possibility of further interest rate hikes. This has essentially generated fear and uncertainty that is embedded in the 30-year mortgage rate.

The 30-year mortgage rate is typically loosely tied to the 10-year Treasury rate, usually about 2% above it. However, we are currently well above that, with it sitting at almost 3.5% above the Treasury rate. There is over a percentage point factored into this fear and uncertainty about the Fed's future actions. Once the market realizes that the Fed has concluded its rate-cutting measures, we could see almost overnight interest rates drop, potentially by a point or more. This, in turn, could contribute to inflation, which is likely why the Fed is engaging in this cat-and-mouse game.

The second reason why I believe this could be a distinctive opportunity, not only for Q4 but possibly extending into early Q1 of 2024, is the upcoming election year. I just can't imagine politicians sitting back and allowing us to have high-interest rates in an election year when they're trying to get reelected. While the Fed is not government-owned, there are certainly ties and pressures that can influence it. Therefore, I don't anticipate 8% rates, if we reach that point, to persist for long.

Once again, I view this Q4 as an excellent and unique opportunity for those who can navigate the interest rate landscape, whether by ‘dating the rate and marrying the home’, making cash payments, or accessing funds from sources like a 401(k) when the stock market is underperforming. I believe this is the ideal moment to acquire a forever home or make investment purchases.

Matt’s Advice

We currently have this unique opportunity for buyers. It is a challenge because they are paying higher interest rates and if they're paying higher interest rates, they are going to expect more concessions from sellers right now. Therefore, if you find yourself as a seller, especially during the slower Q4 season and you must sell your home, my advice is that you will need to be strong with your pricing and consider offering incentives, such as interest rate buydowns, to ensure the sale of your home in this market during this season.

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