What’s going to happen to the Huntsville housing market in 2022?

Matt Curtis breaks down his 2022 housing market predictions. While our crystal ball is broken we are ready to jump into the data to draw a conclusion together on where prices are headed in 2022. 

Let's Recap 2021

This past year we saw the demand for housing continue to exceed the supply. This was a direct result of the US under building by 4 to 5 million + homes after the 2008 recession. As of 2020 Freddie Mac estimated that the US was still short by 3.8 Million homes. Demographic expert Ken Gronbach estimates that number could be as high as 25 million

Because of this the last two years in housing have been anything but typical. We saw homes appreciating at an average…

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Why Waiting To Sell Your House Could Cost You a Small Fortune

Why Waiting To Sell Your House Could Cost You a Small Fortune | MyKCM

Many homeowners who plan to sell in 2022 may think the wise thing to do is to wait for the spring buying market since historically about 40 percent of home sales occur between April and July. However, this year’s expected to be much different than the norm. Here are five reasons to list your house now rather than waiting until the spring.

1. Buyers Are Looking Right Now, and They’re Ready To Purchase

The ShowingTime Showing Index reports data from more than six million property showings scheduled across the country each month. In other words, it’s a gauge of how many buyers are out looking at homes at the current time.

The latest index, which covers November showings, reveals…

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