Huntsville, Alabama Housing Market Report | May 2024

In the May 2024 North Alabama Real Estate Market Report, we explore the latest housing trends in Huntsville, Athens, and Morgan County. This analysis highlights key metrics such as average sales price, days on market, and housing affordability. From substantial inventory increases to shifts in buyer-seller dynamics, we provide a detailed overview of the current market landscape. Whether you're looking to buy or sell in Huntsville, these insights will help you navigate the evolving real estate market in North Alabama.

Huntsville May 2024 Housing Market Report

In the Huntsville market, the average sales price remained flat year over year at $387,000, which is below the national average of…

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Matt Curtis Real Estate Named #1 Real Estate Team in Alabama for 5th Consecutive Year

Matt Curtis Real Estate, a leading residential real estate team based in Huntsville, AL, is humbled to announce its recognition as the #1 Real Estate Team in Alabama for the 5th consecutive year. This distinguished accolade was awarded upon Matt Curtis Real Estate as part of the RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand ranking program, a national initiative that identifies and celebrates the country's most successful brokerages, teams, and agents.In addition to this remarkable achievement, Matt Curtis Real Estate secured a national ranking of #62 in the mega team category, which is the category of largest real estate teams in the nation. 

"We are honored to…

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What’s the Best Long-Term Investment?

Looking for the best long-term investment? A recent Gallup poll reveals where Americans stand on various investment options, with real estate taking the top spot. We’ll break down the rankings and examine why real estate is preferred over stocks, gold, savings accounts, and cryptocurrency. By understanding the benefits and risks associated with each option, you can make informed decisions about where to allocate your investment dollars. We'll also look into why real estate offers significant advantages, including appreciation, principal reduction, and tax benefits, making it a strong contender for your investment portfolio.

Best Long-Term Investments Ranked by Americans

Real estate was number one,…

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Why Housing Prices Keep Rising: The Real Reasons

Understanding the factors affecting housing affordability is crucial for both buyers and sellers in today’s market. Let’s look at key elements influencing home prices and availability, such as the impact of large real estate institutional investors and the economic conditions exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. From record money printing and fluctuating interest rates to the mortgage rate lockdown effect and the significant housing deficit, each factor contributes to the current affordability crisis. Additionally, the rise of institutional investors and the trend towards a #RenterNation are examined, highlighting their implications for future homeownership and generational wealth.

Key Factors…

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