1 in 8 Millennials

For the first time in eight years, the Millennial age group is not the top age group purchasing homes. In 2022, that percentage shrunk from 43%, all the way down to 28% which leads us to one in eight millennials having to move home in 2022.

How We Got to 1 in 8 Millennials Moving Back Home

How did we get to this point for millennials? The genesis of it started back in 2008 when we had the housing crash. The housing crash created a supply of fewer homes over the next 12 years as builders went out of business and banks stopped lending money on new developments. As a result of that, we had new family formations but not enough housing in this country. During that 12-year period, we had a 6.5 million home deficit created in this…

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Sneak Peek Listings for April 21st

190 Sawmill Road - $295,500

190 Sawmill Road, Huntsville, Alabama 35811

3 Bed | 2 Bath | 1,709 sqft

Talk to an MC Agent today for more info or call 256-270-9393

336 County Road - $155,000

336 County Road 1623, Cullman, Alabama 35058

3 Bed | 2 Bath | 1,344 sqft

Talk to an MC Agent today for more info or call 256-270-9393



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2023 Housing Crisis

How Did We Get Here?

We have a housing crisis in this country and in Huntsville, AL. I know what you're thinking, how did we get here? We’ll look at how the 2008 housing crash actually started us down the path to our current crisis, how the COVID pandemic exacerbated things, and where the housing market stands in 2023.

How Did We Get Here?

Housing Crash in 2008

It all started back in 2008 when we had a housing crash in this country. As a result of this housing crash, we had fewer homes being built. Fewer homes were being built because banks were tightening up their development loans so builders and developers could not get loans to build these new communities. A lot of builders just simply went bankrupt during this…

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House Hacking & Millennial Housing Struggles

Are you a millennial struggling to buy your first home? You're not alone. The latest data shows that millennials are no longer the largest group of homebuyers, with their percentage of homes purchased dropping significantly in 2022. We’ll look at what contributed to this decline, what the possible outcomes are for millennials if this trend continues, and what millennials can do to get into the housing market to start building wealth.

Millennial Housing Struggles

Millennials are having huge problems with housing right now. For the first time in eight years, millennials are not the largest portion of home buyers. They dominated from 2014 to 2021 but in 2022 they took a big downward spiral in…

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Big News from Zillow & Zillow's New 2023 Housing Predictions

Zillow has updated its 2023 Housing Predictions and it’s making waves in the real estate industry. While there is an expected increase in home values, there is also a predicted decrease in the number of homes sold, leaving many wondering what is causing this shift. With a shortage of supply and potential homebuyers sitting on the sidelines due to higher interest rates, the market is experiencing volatility. However, recent bank failures could change the game. We’ll look at the changes in Zillow’s housing forecast as well as how they will affect buying and selling a home in Huntsville, Alabama. Read until the end to find out big, breaking news from Zillow!

Zillow’s New Prediction on…

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Huntsville, Alabama Traffic | Exploring North Alabama's Roadways

North Alabama is experiencing growth like never before, and more residents often means more traffic. You don’t have to succumb to sitting in traffic though; You just need to familiarize yourself with the major roadways in the Huntsville and Madison area and then plan your outings accordingly. Erica DeSpain from All Things Madison joins Matt Curtis to provide information about the major roadways in the Huntsville and Madison area, as well as traffic patterns and tips to navigate around the area. We'll look at I-565, Redstone Arsenal, Research Park Boulevard, Highway 72, and Madison's major roadways as well as providing insights into the traffic patterns of each of these routes,…

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