Ladies, if you’re looking for an exercise program focused on permanent results and without all the tough guy bluster we all imagine when we hear the words “boot camp”, look no further than Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women!

ABC, run by program director and coach Joe Martin, has facilities in Huntsville and Madison. They also operate in the Harvest/Monrovia area, with their own head coach Deborah Thomason.

The boot camp is billed as “a four-week outdoor program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling, and motivational training”. Each week most groups meet Monday-Friday, with each day’s session lasts one hour, however there are 3- and 4-day a week alternatives as well. Participants can expect to engage in core conditioning, short…

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Swimming has often been touted as one of the best forms of exercise. It’s really not surprising when you think about it. Swimming requires the use of the whole body so you are getting at least some exercise to each part of your body that would otherwise require a specific exercise. has an excellent article on the benefits of swimming. Plus… it’s just really fun.

The Huntsville Aquatic Center, formerly known as the Brahan Spring Park Natatorium, has had some big changes. The facility offers two new pools; a 50 meter Olympic-sized competition pool and a smaller therapy pool. Theses pools and facilities were built around the existing 50 meter pool that is now known as the “legacy pool”. Each pool offers something different for the…

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Continuing our series of pieces on easy, outdoorsy day trips from the Huntsville area, this week I’m having a mixed bag of feelings on sharing Stephens Gap. Somewhat like a teenager who thinks their favorite band is cooler the fewer people that know them, there can be a twinge of guilt letting people in on a place like this, and I suppose I could rationalize it by wondering if someone wound up going and leaving garbage on the trail because they heard about someplace from me.

But, it’s a bummer to feel that way and much nicer to excitedly urge the sure footed among you to check out the natural wonder of Jackson County’s Stephens Gap cave. Protected by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, and located a little over half an hour from Huntsville, Stephens Gap…

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Rock House Eatery is nestled in a quaint little area in Guntersville, Alabama. This unassuming rock building delivers the sights, sounds, and flavors of the south. Although the restaurant was started less than 10 years ago it feels as if it has been there for hundreds of years.

Rock House bills itself as a “Southern gourmet” restaurant, and one look at the menu with its fried green tomatoes and double cut pork chop explains the the term. But it’s not all fried foods at The Rock House they have seafood, pasta, and even pizzas! The restaurant operates on the ideas of consistency, value, and use of sustainable resources. Elevating itself beyond just another restaurant Rock House also infuses liquor, which means you can add a little extra flavor to your…

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We moms all need a break. Maybe we need a date night, or we simply need to get out of the house—even just to go to the grocery store (!!)—without dragging our babies out into this cold, drizzling rain we’ve been having. At the same time, we wouldn’t leave our children with just anyone. 

Let’s say you’re fairly new in town and haven’t had time to vet your teenage neighbor for a babysitting job. Wouldn’t it be nice to find reliable childcare in the Rocket City without all the hassle? That’s where Adventure Sitters come in.

About Adventure Sitters

As a mom, I personally find it very reassuring that Adventure Sitters is locally-owned and run by one of our own.  Owner, Audra Mann, grew up in Cullman and has lived in Madison since 2011. Audra has…

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If Chip and Joanna Gaines came to the Rocket City, I’m certain that Sweet Pineapple would be Joanna’s favorite store.  The lovely gift shop on Airport Road has leather bracelets, dangling earrings, and cute clothing like I’ve seen her wear.

The Perfect Little Gift Shop

Sweet Pineapple is locally owned by Gina Garrett, who initially opened the gift shop in Huntsville’s 5-Points area.  Soft-spoken with a friendly smile, Gina said, “I always loved gift-giving, and I grew up with a mom who is very talented at that and is always so thoughtful.  It’s funny—I have a sister, and we would go to stores she’d called ‘fun stores’ when we were growing up.  They were little gift stores where you found unique things and always got really special customer…

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As Spring Break season approaches, it’s time to think about activities to keep the kids occupied during a full week without school.  The Rocket City alone has many places to go, and Huntsville is close enough to Nashville and Birmingham for a quick day trip!

We at Rocket City Local have drummed up some ideas that are fun for all ages.  So bring on Spring Break, and let’s go!



I regularly write about Huntsville’s Lowe Mill because there is so much to do in one place!  Is your kid always making pot-holders on a loom?  Try Amy Shelton and Roo Kline’s Sparkle Studio.  Amy and Roo offer mixed media classes ranging from $5-$25, and your kids will have fun making crafts from plant and animal-based fiber. Check their site for free events…

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The Mint Julep Difference

I visited Mint Julep Market on a rainy Saturday afternoon—the perfect day for browsing their bounty of upscale gifts from local artisans. The collaborative team at Mint Julep Market works very hard to offer a unique shopping experience to their customers, and that’s just what I got. Although the market has 15 curators, each one has intimate knowledge of all the gift collections.

Mint Julep owner and mother of three, Hillary Dunham, told me, “The people we work with are experts in their field.  They bring exceptional things from all over the world back to Huntsville.  They’re a wonderful and fun group of people to work with.”

It’s fair to say that Mint Julep operates far outside the box.  In one large, open area, you…

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I’m writing this on a cold February evening, but shortly, and nearly imperceptibly, the season will begin making its small changes. Trees will thicken, deceptive icy patches will melt into harmless, shallow puddles, and the temperature will gradually increase to once again accommodate life. This change back to what I consider to be the South’s natural state coincides with sprucing up the front yard or adding some plants to your apartment’s balcony. After all, Huntsville is a city, but it’s a southern city. So let’s get the shears and sunhats out and visit some greenhouses.

Bennett Nurseries

Located right off the parkway, Bennett Nurseries seems like more of an attraction than a store. With music, beverages, and a wide variety of plants Bennett…

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It was probably ten years ago when I first heard of Walls of Jericho, a forested ravine where it’s said Davy Crockett once hunted, in southern Franklin County, Tennessee, 12 miles south of Winchester. A friend had rated it highly for its level of challenge and awesome natural beauty, created by the waters of Turkey Creek.

The Nature Conservancy chapters of AL and TN initiated the moves to acquire and reopen this land, which had previously been open to the public until the late 1970s, when it was closed by a private timber company. In 2006, over 21,000 acres straddling the Tennessee/Alabama border were made contiguous, and now the state of Tennessee owns the Walls as part of the Bear Hollow Mountain Wildlife Management Area.

I’ve hiked Jericho…

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