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Huntsville, Alabama Housing Market Report | May 2024

In the May 2024 North Alabama Real Estate Market Report, we explore the latest housing trends in Huntsville, Athens, and Morgan County. This analysis highlights key metrics such as average sales price, days on market, and housing affordability. From substantial inventory increases to shifts in buyer-seller dynamics, we provide a detailed overview of the current market landscape. Whether you're looking to buy or sell in Huntsville, these insights will help you navigate the evolving real estate market in North Alabama.

Huntsville May 2024 Housing Market Report

In the Huntsville market, the average sales price remained flat year over year at $387,000, which is below the national average of…

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Huntsville, Alabama Housing Market Report | January 2024

Get the latest insights into the Huntsville, Alabama housing market, focusing on key metrics such as average sales price, number of homes sold, and housing affordability. This analysis sheds light on notable trends and shifts in the market, including the impact of recent ice storms on sales and predictions for interest rates. Whether you're a prospective buyer or seller, understanding these dynamics is crucial for navigating the current real estate landscape effectively.

Huntsville Housing Report

Let's start by looking at the Huntsville submarket. The average sales price in Huntsville has gone up by $40,000 compared to last year, from $346,000 in January 2023 to $386,000 in January…

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Huntsville Housing Market Report | December 2023

Analyzing the housing statistics for Huntsville, Athens, and Morgan County in the North Alabama area during December 2023, this examination explores critical factors influencing the real estate landscape. It covers aspects such as average sales prices, the number of homes sold, and shifts in housing affordability. Additionally, insights into market dynamics, encompassing months worth of supply, housing inventory, and trends in supply and demand, offer a comprehensive overview. Concluding with valuable advice for navigating the evolving real estate scene in 2024, the focus is on anticipated changes in interest rates and their potential impact on housing prices.

Huntsville December 2023 Housing…

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Huntsville, AL Housing Market Report | October 2023

The Huntsville, Athens, & Decatur Housing Market Report offers a comprehensive view of North Alabama's real estate scene. Focusing on major cities like Huntsville and Athens, the report provides insights into price growth, housing affordability, and sales trends. Huntsville's escalating prices have impacted affordability and sales volumes, while Athens stands out with a higher average sales price, attracting families seeking quality living in smaller-town settings. The report also addresses Morgan County's growth and the increased demand for affordable housing, aligning with Decatur's thriving job market. Detailed discussions on market supply, pending and closed sales, days on the market, and list…

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Huntsville, Alabama Housing Market Report | Q3 2023

The Huntsville, Alabama real estate market's Q3 report reveals insights on pricing resilience, market challenges amidst rising interest rates, shifts in home sales, and inventory dynamics. Additionally, economic factors such as GDP growth, population trends, and household incomes play a pivotal role. Amidst these shifts, the question emerges: Can new construction meet the escalating demand, or will the market face a potential supply crunch in the near future?

Median Sales Price, Home Sales, & Pending Sales

What stood out to me was the median sales price, only dipping by 1.3% year over year. It's quite impressive considering the recent surge in interest rates over the past 12 months. This…

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Huntsville Housing Market Report | September 2023

In the everchanging Huntsville, AL real estate landscape, the September 2023 Housing Report reveals some key insights. Let's take a closer look at how the slowdown in home sales is influencing average property prices. This impact varies across different areas, including Huntsville, Decatur, and Athens. We'll examine key metrics such as new listings, pending sales, closed sales, days on market, and the percentage of list price received. Additionally, we'll assess the Housing Affordability Index and its implications for professionals like nurses, police officers, and teachers in their quest for affordable homes. Lastly, we'll explore the dynamics of supply and demand, highlighting the importance…

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Huntsville Housing Market Report | August 2023

The August 2023 Huntsville Housing Report is here, and it brings insights into the local real estate landscape. We'll be discussing the impact of reduced new listings on both sellers and buyers, along with the implications of declining pending sales. Closed sales have taken an unexpected turn, particularly in the context of new construction projects. Median sales prices are also under the spotlight, showing interesting trends across various areas. Housing affordability remains a concern as it continues to fluctuate, influenced by rising interest rates. Lastly, we'll look into housing inventory and supply, revealing key indicators of the current market status. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home…

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Should I Buy a Home Now or Wait? | Huntsville, AL Real Estate

Should I buy a home now or later? Whether you're renting a home, whether you're expanding your family, whether you're looking to invest or buy that dream home; there's a lot of mixed information out in the marketplace right now that’s causing confusion on home purchasing decisions.

Why You Should Wait

 Home affordability continues to drop. It's dropped 45 points in the last two years from 155 down to 110. Buyers have been faced with this double whammy of rising interest rates, along with rising prices as well. The other thing is there's a lot of fear of a recession in the market and with that potential job losses that might come. Those are all valid reasons for why to consider…

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Housing Market in the U.S. | 2022

Real estate is at an inflection point. Harvard University just released its 2022 State of the Nation’s Market report for the housing industry. Topics that are discussed regarding the current housing market for the U.S. in 2022 include interest rates, housing stock, and the rapid increase in housing costs. The report also notes an inflection point in current real estate and the challenge of inventory, which is not believed to change any time soon.

Record Appreciation is Affecting the Housing Market

The report explains that we hit a record price appreciation in March, which was 20.6%, and apartment complexes are currently seeing a double-digit appreciation of 12%. With the price appreciation slowing down…

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