Fall is almost here, and that means cooler temperatures, pumpkins galore, and fun fall activities!

Huntsville Botanical Gardens hosts a yearly Scarecrow Trail, and their fall event kicks off on September 1, 2018 and runs through October 31, 2018. This year’s theme is “Mythical & Magical Scarecrows of Legend” and will feature themed scarecrows that are submitted by local businesses and creative groups.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens will also will offer weekend hayrides, and night hikes on certain nights of the season. The Children’s Garden will be decorated for Halloween in October and also will feature Mythical & Magical scarecrows decorated by area children.

This year’s theme coincides with the “Garden of Myth” exhibit which has been at…

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A new movement is sweeping the nation, its creative, kind, and almost free!   Rocket City is no exception to this new movement, some call it painted rocks, or “Kindness Rocks”.   Here in North Alabama, we call it Rocket City Rocks. It’s pretty simple, paint a rock and hide it somewhere for someone else to find to brighten their day.  After finding the rock the idea is to continue spreading joy by either re-hiding the rock, or paint your own rock and hide it.

Rock painting is fun way to get out and explore the area to hide rocks you have painted or search for rocks hidden by others here in Tennessee Valley.  To get in on the fun in a digital way, you can even put a message on the back to “Post a Picture to Rocket City Rocks FaceBook Group”.  Some…

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Are you looking for a family friendly activity that can get your family active and teach life changing skills? Tiger Rock Huntsville is a great place to increase your activity level as well as gain self-confidence and learn self-defense techniques!

My son started Tiger Rock Martial Arts about a year ago. He immediately loved the structured classes and the ability to train with his friends that were higher belt levels than himself. After bringing Dirk to class for a few months my husband, Luke, began classes as well. After watching my son and husband excel in Tiger Rock training, I decided to give it a try! In January, Tiger Rock Huntsville offered a parents-train-for-free month.  It was the perfect time for me to try it.  I was tired of boring…

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In addition to Decatur’s Point Mallard Park, this week we’re looking at another place to beat the heat and keep the kids busy close to the Rocket City. Blountsville’s 25-acre Spring Valley Beach sits just off Highway 231, about an hour south of Huntsville.

Per their website, SVB is the only waterpark in the Southeast to allow visitors to bring their own food and grills. They also offer free sunblock and free parking! Nifty.

SVB has several waterslides for the thrill seekers, such as “Sidewinder” and “Blackout”, which promises a pitch black tunnel filled with twists and turns. There’s also a gentler, family style curvy slide, and four traditional slides into the big pool.

Featured on Travel Channel on a list of extreme waterparks, Spring…

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Summer time is a great time to be in Alabama, and there are a few north Alabama water amusement parks that are easily accessible from the Rocket City.

Decatur is home to one of those, Point Mallard Park, most famous for its wave pool, which it claims is the first of its kind in the country. The water park has a variety of activities that will appeal to a wide range of children. For smaller children, there are shallow pool areas and shorter slides. Older children will enjoy planning in the large pool and wave pool area. There are also multiple rides and a lazy river.

A lot else besides swimming happens at Point Mallard, by the way. There is the annual Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic, which happens on Memorial Day weekend. The…

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Residents in Huntsville are so fortunate that our community is highly-supportive of homeschool families. There is a wealth of resources in the Rocket City that offers so much for these families who choose home-based learning for their kids.

That’s where Play, Create, Discover, & Learn comes in.

What is Play Create Discover & Learn?

According to their website, Play Create Discover & Learn is “an inclusive cooperative education center that facilitates a creative, collaborative community for Northern Alabama families.”

How fun is that?  That description alone is enough to make me want to go back to school!

The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization was established in 2015 to support the Rocket City’s homeschool community. They offer classes for…

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Swimming has often been touted as one of the best forms of exercise. It’s really not surprising when you think about it. Swimming requires the use of the whole body so you are getting at least some exercise to each part of your body that would otherwise require a specific exercise. livestrong.com has an excellent article on the benefits of swimming. Plus… it’s just really fun.

The Huntsville Aquatic Center, formerly known as the Brahan Spring Park Natatorium, has had some big changes. The facility offers two new pools; a 50 meter Olympic-sized competition pool and a smaller therapy pool. Theses pools and facilities were built around the existing 50 meter pool that is now known as the “legacy pool”. Each pool offers something different for the…

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Continuing our series of pieces on easy, outdoorsy day trips from the Huntsville area, this week I’m having a mixed bag of feelings on sharing Stephens Gap. Somewhat like a teenager who thinks their favorite band is cooler the fewer people that know them, there can be a twinge of guilt letting people in on a place like this, and I suppose I could rationalize it by wondering if someone wound up going and leaving garbage on the trail because they heard about someplace from me.

But, it’s a bummer to feel that way and much nicer to excitedly urge the sure footed among you to check out the natural wonder of Jackson County’s Stephens Gap cave. Protected by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, and located a little over half an hour from Huntsville, Stephens Gap…

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We moms all need a break. Maybe we need a date night, or we simply need to get out of the house—even just to go to the grocery store (!!)—without dragging our babies out into this cold, drizzling rain we’ve been having. At the same time, we wouldn’t leave our children with just anyone. 

Let’s say you’re fairly new in town and haven’t had time to vet your teenage neighbor for a babysitting job. Wouldn’t it be nice to find reliable childcare in the Rocket City without all the hassle? That’s where Adventure Sitters come in.

About Adventure Sitters

As a mom, I personally find it very reassuring that Adventure Sitters is locally-owned and run by one of our own.  Owner, Audra Mann, grew up in Cullman and has lived in Madison since 2011. Audra has…

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As Spring Break season approaches, it’s time to think about activities to keep the kids occupied during a full week without school.  The Rocket City alone has many places to go, and Huntsville is close enough to Nashville and Birmingham for a quick day trip!

We at Rocket City Local have drummed up some ideas that are fun for all ages.  So bring on Spring Break, and let’s go!



I regularly write about Huntsville’s Lowe Mill because there is so much to do in one place!  Is your kid always making pot-holders on a loom?  Try Amy Shelton and Roo Kline’s Sparkle Studio.  Amy and Roo offer mixed media classes ranging from $5-$25, and your kids will have fun making crafts from plant and animal-based fiber. Check their site for free events…

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