Could Floor Plans Become Illegal?

Could you get sued for creating a floor plan of your own home? Forbes magazine recently reported that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is fighting a court ruling that states “homeowners that post floor plans of their own homes on websites could trigger a copyright lawsuit”. Seriously!? With all of the challenges we have currently with the undersupply of housing, the courts have decided to make creating a floor plan of your home a copyright infringement?

That just seems crazy since floor plans are critical pieces of information for both builders and sometimes property owners to sell their home. The appraisal process also uses floor plans to calculate square footage and determine value for the bank. The whole appraisal and mortgage industry will be turned upside down if this doesn't get turned around.

Housing is 18% of the GDP. Heading into a recession right now, why would we want to disrupt anything that helps housing? On a personal note, I'm considering purchasing two different pieces of property right now. The challenge is that I can't physically get into these properties to see them. So what do you think I ask for? You got it, the floor plan. Needless to say NAR is fighting this and will likely win, in my opinion.

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