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Should I Pay Buyer's Agent Commission? | Pros & Cons

Are you thinking about whether to pay a buyer's agent commission? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) commission settlement has sparked discussions on this matter. The proposed changes could potentially shift the landscape, affecting how buyer compensation is advertised and offered. As you weigh your options, it's crucial to consider both the pros and cons. Our exploration dives into the implications of offering buyer agent commissions, shedding light on factors like market exposure, sales speed, and the impact on your bottom line. Whether you're a seasoned seller or new to the market, understanding these dynamics can help you make a more informed decision when buying or selling a home…

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Should You Hire a Buyer's Agent? | Pros, Cons, and New Rules


The NAR Settlement has drawn attention, sparking discussions about its implications for homebuyers in real estate. At the heart of these discussions lies the fate of buyer agent commissions. Anticipated are two significant rule changes, pending approval, poised to reshape certain aspects of the homebuying process. Firstly, there's the expansion of buyer compensation advertising beyond the MLS, potentially transforming how buyers interact with property listings. Additionally, the proposed requirement for a buyer's agreement before property viewings aims to provide clarity and protection for both buyers and agents. But what do these changes mean for homebuyers navigating the market? From…

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NAR's $418M Commission Settlement Explained: What Homeowners Should Understand

In this comprehensive exploration of the NAR's $418 Million Commission Settlement, we examine its implications for homeowners. As we unpack the details, we'll clarify misconceptions and provide insights into how this settlement could affect housing affordability and price trends across the nation. We'll also shed light on new regulations surrounding buyer compensation and agreements, offering crucial information for buyers and sellers navigating today's dynamic real estate landscape in Huntsville, Alabama.

Insights on NAR's $418 Million Commission Settlement: Key Takeaways for Homeowners

First, it's important to clarify that this settlement is not yet fully…

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Huntsville Housing Market Report | Q1 2023

The Q1 2023 Madison County, Alabama real estate stats are now live as some of these stats are shocking in terms of percentages, but we're going to dive deep into the details to show you what's going on behind the scenes. We’ll look at the stats on housing supply in Huntsville, Alabama, break down the average days on market, and explore the challenges of housing affordability, where income growth struggles to keep pace with inflation. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Huntsville, this report could provide you with key information to help you make the best decision based on your situation.

Housing Supply

The first stat that jumps off the page from this Q1 2023 Madison County Real Estate report…

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2023 Housing Crisis

How Did We Get Here?

We have a housing crisis in this country and in Huntsville, AL. I know what you're thinking, how did we get here? We’ll look at how the 2008 housing crash actually started us down the path to our current crisis, how the COVID pandemic exacerbated things, and where the housing market stands in 2023.

How Did We Get Here?

Housing Crash in 2008

It all started back in 2008 when we had a housing crash in this country. As a result of this housing crash, we had fewer homes being built. Fewer homes were being built because banks were tightening up their development loans so builders and developers could not get loans to build these new communities. A lot of builders just simply went bankrupt during this…

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Huntsville Receives Top Credit Rating

Once again, the city of Huntsville, Alabama has achieved a Triple-A credit rating from both Moody’s and S&P Global Ratings. That's right, Triple-A!

Now, you may be thinking, what's the big deal about a credit rating? Well, a Triple-A credit rating means that Huntsville is considered to be of the “highest quality, with minimal risk” and reflects the City’s ability and willingness to meet their financial obligations. This is a significant accomplishment, as the average for municipalities is AA, and compared to the corporate world, it's BA.

What's even better is that this Triple-A rating means that the city of Huntsville has the lowest interest rate possible. Out of all the cities in Alabama, only three have…

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Huntsville, AL Housing Market Report | January 2023

For the January housing market report, the Huntsville, Alabama real estate market is staying balanced as supply and demand continue to mirror each other. New listings, pending sales, and house affordability are trending back up but they're still down year over year. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Huntsville, AL, this information can help you make the best decision based on your situation as the 2023 housing market starts to take shape.

New Listings & Closed Sales

Supply and demand are continuing to stay balanced, which is why we're seeing prices stay flat. For prices to drop, you've got to see an imbalance between supply and demand. We're simply not seeing that as demand…

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Common Homebuyer Misconceptions in 2023

Homeownership remains a top priority for Americans, but many are uninformed about the real estate market and have misconceptions that could hinder their chances of successfully buying a home. Don't miss out on your chance to buy a home in the Huntsville, AL area in 2023, and make sure you are informed about the real estate market.

Pent Up Homebuyer Demand

According to a NerdWallet survey, 83% of Americans say buying a home is a top priority for them. That's showcased in the survey results that found 28 million Americans plan to buy a home in 2023. The reason that the stat jumps off the page is that in an average year, 6 million homes are sold across the US. If 28 million buyers across the US plan to buy…

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Soft Landing for Real Estate or Market Crash?

Real estate prices, like all goods for sale, are a function of supply and demand. However, the government and the Fed does try to insert themselves from time to time to manipulate that equation, whether it be from terms like rent control or even manipulating interest rates like the Fed is doing right now. If you're looking to buy or sell a house in Huntsville, AL, predicting what the real estate market is going to do can help you time the market to your benefit.

Lack of Housing Supply

Supply in this country is down 6.5 million homes nationally, which is why you see prices increasing over the last couple of years. Pricing is simply a matter of supply and demand, what the Fed decided to do…

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Zillow December 2022 Housing Report

Coming off of record years, the housing market ended 2022 in a deep freeze according to Zillow economist Jeff Tucker. The question is, will the spring market start to thaw out? Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Huntsville, looking at how national housing stats compared to local housing stats can help you make an informed decision that best fits your home buying or home selling needs.

Pending Sales, New Listings, & Home Values

One of the things that stood out to me in this report is that the national stats reported by Zillow are very much in line with what we're seeing here locally in Huntsville. The first stat that popped out was pending sales dropped 32.5% nationally, they've dropped…

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