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Zillow Weighs in on Housing Crisis: A Closer Look at the Challenges & Solutions

The housing crisis in our country has reached a critical point, and Zillow has stepped in to shed light on its severity. Many economists have attempted to determine the size of this crisis, with estimates ranging from 2 million to over 6 million homes. Zillow came up with a pretty common-sense approach and the number they came up with was about halfway in the middle, which was 4.3 million homes.

I really like the approach that they took which was based on their search volume and their search portal, alongside assessing the current housing demand. According to their findings, they believe there are 8 million families across the US in need of housing. However, the…

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Affordable Housing Crisis Continues to Widen

Median Family Income & Housing Supply

You know we're facing a housing crisis in this country, but how is that affecting the average family in the US? The median family income in the US is sitting at $75,000. By definition, that means 51% of the family households in the US are making $75,000 or below. Taking into account today's interest rates, a family with the median income can afford to purchase a home priced at $256,000. For the housing market to be balanced and to be affordable, we would need 51% of available housing in the US to be at or below that $256,000 price point. Unfortunately, we're nowhere close to that here in the US.

We're at less than half of that, we're actually sitting at…

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The Housing Market Crash Has Already Happened

The housing market crash has been a subject of speculation, with concerns about a potential bubble and its subsequent burst, both across the US and Huntsville, Alabama. However, the crash has already occurred, although not in the way most people expect. We look into the causes of the crash, propose solutions, and explore the potential ramifications if we fail to act promptly.

Housing Affordability Continues to Decrease

Affordability has taken a major hit. With 2008 in the back of everybody's minds, it's only natural to ask, "Are we in a real estate bubble, and is it going to pop?" We've had a massive hit on affordability due to price increases, which is a reflection of massive inflation, monetary…

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2023 Housing Crisis

How Did We Get Here?

We have a housing crisis in this country and in Huntsville, AL. I know what you're thinking, how did we get here? We’ll look at how the 2008 housing crash actually started us down the path to our current crisis, how the COVID pandemic exacerbated things, and where the housing market stands in 2023.

How Did We Get Here?

Housing Crash in 2008

It all started back in 2008 when we had a housing crash in this country. As a result of this housing crash, we had fewer homes being built. Fewer homes were being built because banks were tightening up their development loans so builders and developers could not get loans to build these new communities. A lot of builders just simply went bankrupt during this…

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