Real Estate Team vs. Solo Agent | What’s the Difference?

When you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Huntsville, AL area, hiring a real estate agent is essential to your success. The benefits of using a real estate team versus using a solo agent can be the difference between the results you expect and the results you actually end up with. 

There’s a simple analogy to explain the difference between using an entire real estate team versus using a single agent. Let’s say you're going out to eat for dinner, could you imagine going into a restaurant and the person that greets you is also the exact same person that shows up at your table to take your order? Not only are they taking your order but they're the person that's cooking your food, busing all the tables, doing the marketing for the restaurant, paying all the bills, and everything else that goes with running a successful restaurant.

You would probably never go back to that restaurant. Unfortunately, that's what happens every single day in real estate. The exact same agent does everything, whether they're good at that particular role or not. They do the marketing, they do the listing coordination and the closing coordination, they do the showings, and they even put the signs out in front of the house. If they have multiple clients, the actual time they spend focused on selling your home or finding you a home to move into may not be the quality of service you expect or deserve. 

Real Estate Done Differently

At Matt Curtis Real Estate we do things differently. If we're meeting for a listing appointment with you, if the agent is polite, they're going to silence their phone during the meeting. For a single agent, a silenced phone means business stops for the duration of the meeting. But with Matt Curtis Real Estate, business never stops.

As we're meeting with you and we're talking about listing your home for sale, things continue to happen on our team. For example, people are calling in wanting to see your home or other people's homes during that meeting; those calls are getting answered by our buyers agents. If clients are calling in and have questions about their closing or a closing needs to be coordinated with the attorney's office or the lender, all those details are being handled by a team member who specializes in that area. Another client had their home become an active listing so a ‘For Sale’ sign is going out during that meeting. 

When you have a real estate team concept like Matt Curtis Real Estate, things continue to get done and business never stops. When you hire us, when you hire a real estate team, you get more than just a real estate agent. You also get a marketing department that has over a $1 million dollar budget each year. You get a closing team that's closed thousands of homes, it's almost like getting closing insurance on your contract. You get a listing department, you get a running department to put signs out, and you get a full admin team to make sure that you get the best five-star service possible. 

At Matt Curtis Real Estate we believe that 50 is greater than one and as a team, Together Everyone Achieves More!


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