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All of the best things to do in Huntsville and Madison, from restaurants to live music.

Huntsville is a place full of intrigue, and the list of things to do in this history-making locale goes far beyond simply including conventional city attractions. From the sleek, hi-tech complexes that comprise Cummings Research Park to the little-known Appalachian hideaways of the Cumberland Plateau, the range of daily events in this city is expansive. A day in Huntsville could involve a cutting-edge scientific breakthrough with international impact, a hazy few hours picking blackberries and indulging in fresh honey at Bill's Honey Farm, or a hike up local hot spots Monte Sano and Rainbow Mountain. Don't forget to spend some time shopping at Bridgestreet or taking in the Madison's Kids Kingdom with the little ones.

Huntsville is so many things at once: a global technology hub, a charming southern town, a cultural center at the heart of miles of pristine nature. When people think of cities that offer "something for everyone", giant metropolises such as New York and Los Angeles often come to mind. Here in Huntsville, however, you'll have everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite pastimes and discover new ones — while enjoying a swift commute from one end of town to the other and a close-knit, highly communal population.

Historical & Cultural Attractions

Huntsville Attractions

Huntsville's fruitful history has equipped the city with an amazing collection of unintentional historical landmarks. Often the homes of now-notable people or the site of former economic drivers (such as Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, once a cotton mill). From the classic to the quirky, history in Huntsville is alive and well today, serving as a cornerstone of the city's culture. Huntsville is also exceptionally eccentric — one can traverse used bookstores, record shops, and breweries; then catch a niche live theater performance all in a few hours. Huntsville's culture is so rich, you'll be occupied with fresh and interesting things to do for as long as you live here. Try these attractions to get started:

Madison Attractions

Madison's cultural life is rich and growing along with the city's population. Diverse opportunities for entertainment, education, and dining increase every year. The city is a historic goldmine, with landmarks dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. With occurrences ranging from civil war battles to the advent of the telecommunications industry in the area, it's no wonder that Madison's legacy has resulted in a unique and eccentric contemporary city. Whether you're a history buff, an artist or art appreciator, a railfan, hiker, reader, writer, or an all-around polymath, you can find something to sate your desire for knowledge & engagement in Madison. And if you can't — you can certainly create it.

Twickenham Historic District

Did you know that Huntsville hasn't always been called Huntsville? Before given its current name, it was actually established in 1809 as Twickenham. The Twickenham Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 as a live museum for the original homes in this area. The district's borders cover nearly half of the original town and showcase the variety of architectural stylings of that time, which were largely Federal and Greek revival. Learn more about the houses and lifestyle of the early 1800s on your very own trip back in time at the Twickenham Historic District.

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Museums & Science Centers

EarlyWorks Children's History Museum

EarlyWorks is a museum that's been designed around a child's natural desire to play. Go ahead - let your child touch, stretch, drop, pull, and explore the largest hands-on history museum in the South. From storytelling at the Talking Tree to playing a tune on the oversized instruments and building in the Kidstruction Zone, kids will be entertained for hours. The EarlyWorks Children's Museum is great for curious kids of all ages, and they even do birthday parties too! Touch, play, and learn in this supportive kid-friendly environment.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Huntsville Botanical Gardens are a premier destination for any amateur botanist. There’s a little something for everyone, with a Nature Center for serious specie study, or the Pollywog Bog for a playful splash with the little ones. Seasonal events like the winter month’s Beak and Bark even let you bring Fido for a day at the park.

Huntsville Museum of Art

Located in downtown Huntsville and surrounded by the pristine Big Spring Park, the Huntsville Museum of Art is a leading center for visual arts and culture. Here you'll find 13 different galleries that showcase over 3,000 pieces of art from acclaimed regional and national artists, as well as traveling exhibits from around the world. Not only can you view these fabulous works of art, but you can create your own too! The museum hosts fun and engaging art classes for kids and adults in addition to special programs and events.

Monte Sano Mountain Museum

Get back to nature at the Monte Sano Mountain Museum! Learn more about local ecology and biodiversity from the informational offerings inside the museums, then head out for a walk along the miles and miles of walking paths in the area to try and identify the local species of flora and fauna. The museum features antique maps and photos to showcase the rich history of the area, as well as a collection of artifacts and fossils that have been found in the area over the years.


All ages of science fans look to Sci-Quest to learn about the mind boggling worlds of chemistry, biology and physics. Whether it’s through paper airplane contests, visiting critters, or summer camps, the center aims to expand the mind and educate children and their families with their wide variety of programs. Changing exhibits and featured events give you even more of a reason to come back time and time again.

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

This center is out of this world! Established in the 1970s, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center has continued to be one of the best places to learn about space exploration and engineering marvels throughout human history. The rockets that put the very first man on the moon were developed right here in Huntsville, and the area continues to play an important role in ongoing missions. Spend the day exploring the exhibits, simulators, archives, and catch a cosmic flick in the jaw-dropping Spacedome IMAX®. They also host a number of camps for kids aged 7 - 18, and programs for adults too! Don't miss your chance to play astronaut for a day, check out their website for more information.

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum

Visit one of the best military museums in the country. The U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum in Huntsville includes a collection of memorabilia, weapons, vehicles, uniforms, aircrafts, tanks, ammunitions crates, and other various military equipment that have been collected throughout the years since the American Revolution. See how the uniforms have changed throughout history, check out the war-time promotional ads, and relive the history through photographs and films. Whether you fancy yourself as a history buff or would like to learn more about how life was during the wars, then this museum is certainly a must-see.

Von Braun Astronomical Society

Located in Monte Sano State Park, the Von Braun Astronomical Society’s planetarium has been the go-to spot for star gazing since the mid-1950s. It has a legacy as a contributor to the Apollo mission, after the association was founded by a group of eager high school students. Today it’s a hub for planetarium shows and on-going learning opportunities.

Weeden House Museum

Located in the Twickenham Historic District, the Weeden House was built in 1819 and has long since been an integral asset to the community. Once a home for the renowned artist and poet Maria Howard Weeden, it was established as a museum to preserve and share her legacy, as well as the historic value of the house and gardens themselves. The home itself is a bold example of Federal architecture and has been furnished with authentic furniture from the same era. The walls showcase the numerous pieces of artwork that pay tribute to Weeden's career, especially her more celebrated works.

The home is open for guided group and private tours, and is also a very popular choice for weddings. Each year they host the Spirit of Christmas Past Tour of Homes and Luminaries, which features homes and stories from the Weeden house and surrounding Twickenham Historic District.

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Huntsville & Madison County Public Library

It’s the longest running library in Alabama, and there’s no wonder why. Book lovers and avid learners rejoice in being able to dive into the immense collection, which weighs in at around half a million different items. A total of 12 branches make it easy for you to access their services across Madison County, while the Bookmobile allows for on the fly lending and learning.

Madison Public Library

The Madison Public Library is more than just a place for books. It's a community driver, hosting cultural, historical, and artistic events. As well, it runs programming both educational and recreational for children and adults of all ages. Featuring a music library, a wealth of eBooks, leading-edge research, and state-of-the-art digital facilities, this amazing, all-encompassing place will be a place you're sure to frequent — it has something new every time.

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Parks & Recreation

Hiking In Huntsville

There's no better feeling in the world than hiking a difficult trail, being one with nature, and finally reaching your destination. If you're looking for something active to do in Huntsville or Madison, head outdoors and trek through one of the many beautiful trails. With their easy to difficult paths, the Madison and Huntsville hiking trails will put you in a tranquil and serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Green Mountain Nature Trail

One of the most stunning trails in the area is Green Mountain Nature Trail (also known as the Madison County Nature Trail), located in Southeast Huntsville. The 72-acre park is home to gorgeous Sky Lake, a 1.5 mile walking trail, picnic tables and a picturesque bridge. This trail is perfect for outdoor lovers or anyone looking for a quick getaway from the city. With a forest filled with colorful leaves, Green Mountain Nature Trail is a must-do in the fall season.

Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail

Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail is a 2.1 mile, dog friendly trail that is ranked moderately in difficulty. Don't worry, there are also short and easy pathways that will take you right to the view, as well as playgrounds for children to enjoy. Additionally, the beautiful foliage in the area will enhance your hiking experience. The Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail is part of a preservation program with a goal of preventing further development in the natural areas of Madison County.

Land Trust of North Alabama

The Land Trust of North Alabama works towards connecting people with nature and preserving the green space in Northern Alabama. This association offers guided hikes for all outdoor enthusiasts on a donation only basis. The Land Trust is proud to provide space for residents to get some exercise while connecting with nature.


Don't miss out on all the fun activities that Huntsville and Madison have to offer! An active lifestyle in these towns will become a part of your routine, rather than a chore. From rock climbing to fitness classes, Madison and Huntsville have fun events for the whole family. Stop by the Insanity Complex, YMCA or The Alabama Athletic Club to see what's happening this month.


The Insanity Complex is every kid's dream come true. The complex features a skate park, mini golf course, batting cages, rock climbing wall, roller skating rink, Zumba classes, arcade games, a pro shop and a frozen yogurt shop. This venue will keep the entire family entertained for days.

Indoor Rock Climbing at the Athletic Club of Alabama

The Athletic Club of Alabama is a fun and safe way for adults and kids to try out indoor rock climbing. They have over 6,000 square feet of climbing surfaces and offer full-service guided climbs to all skill levels. Belay certification and lead climbing courses will be starting soon, meaning you could be on your way to becoming a climbing professional! If you prefer more one-on-one attention, you can choose to partake in The Athletic Club's private and semi-private lessons.

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Health & Fitness

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a common goal among residents of Huntsville, yet many people may think it's impossible to do. With the affordable fitness centers available to you, exercising and healthy living will become part of your routine. And there are even gyms that have classes for the entire family. The couch potato will soon become a thing of the past.

Huntsville Hospital Wellness Centers

The Wellness Centers, operated by the Huntsville Hospital, are staffed with exercise physiologists, personal trainers and dieticians. Additionally, these facilities have a 75-foot heated swimming pool, whirlpools, group exercise rooms, cardiovascular machines, free weights and fitness classes. Don't worry about leaving the kids at home; the Wellness Centers have child care services for children from 2 months to 12 years old. Or you can sign your children up for private swimming lessons!

YMCA Huntsville

Your go-to place for camps, healthy living and swimming, the Hogan Family YMCA in Madison and Huntsville have activities for every member of the family. Children can participate in swim lessons, youth sports, and racquetball, while parents enjoy partaking in group exercise classes, personal training, organized sports or wellness programs. The YMCA is a positive place that the whole family can enjoy together.

IronTribe Fitness

Iron Tribe Fitness excels in providing fun, small group fitness classes no matter what shape you're in. This fitness center is able to meet your goals, including quick weight loss and creating a sustainable workout routine. From women only classes to strength training classes, you'll be able to find your niche at Iron Tribe Fitness. There are even classes for kids that help them achieve confidence and strength in all of their physical abilities.

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Take a ride on a train, loop around a carousel, and explore the many shops. When you’re famished, head over to local restaurant, and then make sure to take in the latest cinematic hit! A mixed-use hot spot for family friendly entertainment, the Bridgestreet Town Centre is so much more than just a mall. Akin to an old town main street, Bridgestreet’s open air pathways lead visitors around a lake, through landscaped gardens, and over pond bridges. With so many amenities at hand, Bridgestreet is a local go-to.

Harrison Brothers Hardware

Located in a historic brownstone building in the downtown square, Harrison Brothers Hardware has the same original facade today as it did when it opened its doors in 1897. It all started as a family-owned hardware store that was passed down through the generations of its founding family. Today, it's a quirky and totally unique store that sells so much more than just hardware. From the cash register to the floors and the signage outside, these antique elements and more have been beautifully maintained to preserve its unique and wonderful heritage. It's so much more than just a retail store; it's a multi-faceted shopping experience where history, culture, and family values unite.

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Live Performances & Festivals

Huntsville Ballet Company

From yearly performances of the classics to a roster of special exclusives, the Huntsville Ballet Company has a long standing tradition of bringing the best shows to their stage. The HBC finds its home in the Von Braun Center, in the Mark C. Smith Concert Hall. The soaring ceilings hover above 1,955 seats, often packed with locals vying to see the latest principal couple.

Huntsville Symphony Orchestra

With consecutive years’ worth of performances, the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra is a long standing anchor in the performing arts community. Over the decades of its history, the Symphony’s series have ranged from classical to pop to casual. Free family concerts see the concert hall doors open to all ages, while master classes allow music aficionados to soak in the talent of world-renowned artists.

Von Braun Center

A colossal hub of entertainment, the Von Braun Center is home to an area, four halls, and a playhouse. It’s here that Huntsville and Madison locals find everything from hockey games to holiday specials to plays. There’s something going on here just about every day, making it easy to fill your calendar with whatever interests you.

Madison Street Festival

This well-loved festival is the largest of its kind in Madison, and it’s no wonder that it draws thousands to the streets of the historical center. Locals line up along packed streets to take in the parade, waving at the floats and marching bands. By the time lunch rolls around, the food trucks and cart vendors are surrounded by a swarm of festival go-ers ready to nosh on funnel cakes and mini donuts.

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Where to Eat

Huntsville's dining scene is abounding with impeccable cuisine from one end of the globe to the other. With options ranging from locally-grown farmer's fruit to breakfast-only cafes and Mexican cantinas, there's no craving you can't satisfy at a Huntsville restaurant or market. Use our Huntsville dining sampler below to start your journey into the exciting world of "culinary Huntsville"!

If you're hungry in Madison, your options are never limited. From sushi to country diners, steak to catfish, BBQ, and waffles, Madison is a foodie's dream. Cuisine in Madison comes from every part of the world: France, China, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, Greece, and right here with locally-grown food — you'll be able to go on a culinary journey without ever leaving home.

Restaurants Food Trucks Breweries


1892 East

Specializing in American cuisine, made with only the freshest ingredients, 1892 East prides itself on creating unique twists of your favorite dishes with only local and organic ingredients. Perfect for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, this restaurant uses seasonal vegetables from sustainable sources. From delicious brunch to delectable dinner, 1892 East has a cuisine for every palate.

Another Broken Egg

This charming café puts an interesting and delicious spin on breakfast. With an entire page of the menu dedicated to different versions of Eggs Benedict, Another Broken Egg has different varieties of scrambled skillets, omelettes, healthy options, and pancakes. For those that prefer lunch, the restaurant's burgers and sandwiches are large and delectable. A visit to this farm fresh and country-themed restaurant is a must!

Bailey Cove Market at St. Thomas

The best farmer's market around is Bailey Cove Market at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The locally grown veggies, fruit, meats and flowers are unlike any other. Open Saturdays from June through September, local residents flock to this market to gather their weekly groceries and support the local farmers. The Bailey Cover Market even hosts an annual lobster and barbecue festival every summer! Buying your food here will not only taste fantastic, but it'll result in you meeting local vendors and shoppers!

Blue Plate Cafe

A restaurant known for their classic southern dishes, Blue Plate Café offers traditional and home-cooked food. From fried catfish to meatloaf, this restaurant will not let you leave hungry. Blue Plate Café defines southern dining and whether you are looking for biscuits and gravy, or a delicious cheeseburger, you must try these mouth-watering favorites.

Boot Pizzeria

Boot Pizzeria is a quaint family restaurant offering the best pizza in town, baked pasta, and an ever-changing craft beer menu. This restaurant even has a beer cave! With menu options including a smoked salmon pizza and cannelloni ricotta, this restaurant's authentic Italian feast is like no other. If you prefer, you can build your own pizza with options like pork belly and Genova salami.

Cork and Crust

Cork and Crust serves up delicious pizza and wine options for a twist on a classic combination. What's better than hand-tossed pizza, home-made pasta and wine? Cork and Crust has all of these things and more. With their eclectic wine menu and incredible pizzas, this restaurant is perfect for any date night. Come by for a slice or a glass of vino and some small plates.

Cheeburger Cheeburger

A country-wide favorite, Cheeburger Cheeburger is known for none other than their delicious cheeseburgers! From ¼ pound burgers to a whole pounder, the bun, cheese and toppings are all determined by you. Alternative options include salmon, veggie and turkey burgers, or salads and wraps for the health conscious diners. You can even choose from a selection of four different types of fries and five dipping sauces!

City Cafe Diner

A classic American diner with a Mediterranean twist — sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Not so! Treat your taste buds at City Cafe Diner. The classically styled diner where no one ever leaves hungry, The City Cafe Diner has an option on their menu for everyone. Chicken and seafood specialties, burgers, Greek food and tasty breakfast options occupy the menu and will have you calling this place the best diner around. An All-American cuisine with Greek and Mexican influences will keep every family member happy.


Juicy Boursin fillet and parmesan encrusted Alaskan Halibut are only two of Connors' specialties that bring diners in from all over the city. The dry aged steak is also a restaurant favorite. Fresh seafood, poultry, pasta, and a large selection of beef will make any mouth water. A large selection of steak toppings, from blue cheese butter to black truffle butter, will make sure you leave your plate empty.

Cotton Row

An ever-changing menu keeps this upscale restaurant competitive with other eateries. Beautiful foods with elegant flavors occupy the menu with selections of bacon wrapped loin of duroc pork sandwiches and oven-roasted Gulf Red Snapper. Cotton Row is inspired by southern hospitality with a contemporary and chic feel. This restaurant is perfect for a date night or anyone looking to experience a sophisticated meal.

El Omeca Mexican Cantina

Dubbed a hidden gem by locals, El Omeca Mexican Cantina is authentic, gourmet quality, and frequented by adoring regulars. The enchiladas, burritos and fajitas taste like true Mexican dishes. There's also a children's menu so bring the kids by for an authentic international cuisine. The restaurant also offers entertainment options with live sports, karaoke and live music on certain nights.

Fresh Traditions

New and traditional American cuisine has never tasted so good. With signature dishes such as Bison sliders, beer cheese soup, and shrimp & grits, Fresh Traditions puts a spin on favorite American dishes. Conveniently located at the Inn at Madison, this restaurant begs diners to stop by for some heart-warming food that will leave their belly's full.

G's Country Kitchen

A southern favorite, G's Country Kitchen cooks up traditional favorites including fried catfish, pork chops, fried green tomatoes and cornbread. The menu incorporates other southern dishes such as mac and cheese, real mashed potatoes, collard greens and sweet tea. G's is a great restaurant to bring the whole family together for a delicious family-style dinner.

Grille 29

An upper scale restaurant with an eclectic spin on seafood dishes, Grille 29 will be a restaurant you frequent. With meals such as Grouper Oscar and truffled deviled eggs, Grille 29 will make your taste buds beg for more. Only the finest seasonal ingredients are used and this restaurant is known to take you on a culinary journey. Don't wait any longer to indulge in Huntsville's finest foods.

Juice Bar

The healthiest place in town, Juice Bar, is guaranteed to give you an extra bounce in your step with their fresh pressed juices and smoothies. A mixture of root vegetable juices and greens contribute to your everyday health and taste good, too! Stop by Juice Bar to grab a smoothie for breakfast or a juice for a mid-day pick me up. You won't regret it!


Visit the local KaleidoScoops to try dessert flavors such as blueberry cream pie, peanut butter, and Irish cream! This ice cream shop has delicious ice cream and sorbets for any age! With their tasty ice cream cakes and malts, KaleidoScoops is hard to resist. Come by to try the egg nog flavor or the cappuccino supremo.

Logan's Roadhouse

Get to Logan's Roadhouse for some ultra-southern cuisine: steak, shrimp, southern fried fish, buttermilk chicken, and plenty more! Every recipe is made from scratch and with menu items such as the pork chop and bacon jam sandwich, this restaurant will have you coming back for years. Don't worry, there are healthy and hearty options too, including the southwest seasoned grilled tilapia.

Maggie Moos

Partnered with Marble Slab Creamery, this homemade ice cream place will have your kids begging you to come here all the time. Maggie Moos offers over 70 flavors of ice cream, sorbet and low fat yogurt. Unlimited amounts of mix-ins provide endless combination opportunities. Don't worry, fruit and nut options also give health conscious buyers a healthy alternative.

Main Street Cafe

Drop by Main Street Cafe and try true comfort food: fried pickles, spaghetti, cheese sticks, peanut butter pie, or cola cake. This charming café has some of the best baked goods, breakfast items and lunch specials in town. Delicious sandwiches, wraps, fresh salads, and soup also complement any Huntsville resident's midday coffee. If you're looking for an event to be catered, Main Street Café and Bakery also offers food trays for lunch or breakfast. Homemade and baked to order food make this café a local favorite.

Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro

Alabama's first gluten free bakery has the tastiest cupcakes, cakes, baked goods and breads. All of the items are 100% gluten free and many are dairy free. Operated by a local husband and wife team, this bakery's owners have spent years perfecting recipes to fool any gluten-free skeptics. This quaint bakery even has a delicious holiday menu. Stop by to pick up a cake and see if you can fool your family and friends!

The Melting Pot

Need fondue? The Melting Pot is a fantastic social gathering spot. And need we mention cheese & chocolate? Start with a veggie plate and choose your cheese, then pick your meat or seafood. To finish off this incredible meal, enjoy a plate filled with fruit and cheesecake and pick your chocolate of choice. The Melting Pot is a fun restaurant for every member of the family!

Nothing But Noodles

An Asian inspired restaurant that specializes in what else, noodles! Delectable Pad Thai and Japanese noodles are some of the favorite items on the menu. If you're more interested in Italian or American food, don't worry, they have these options, too! A perfect restaurant for the entire family, Nothing But Noodles will have something for everyone.

Peppered Pig

Looking for something more casual? Stop by one of Huntsville's food trucks — the Peppered Pig, perhaps. Known for its practically perfect burgers, this food truck is super local and super delicious.

Phil Sandavol’s

Phil Sandoval's, one of Huntsville's premier Mexican restaurants, offers authentic, delicious and traditional Mexican dishes. From chicken and pork tamales to kid friendly quesadillas, this restaurant has yummy options for everyone. Additionally, vegetarian plates are available for non-meat eaters. Stop by Phil Sandoval's for some mouth-watering Mexican food!


Craving Thai food? Stop by Phuket for excellent Thai culinary delights for lunch, dinner or a meal to-go! Pad Thai, green curries, and a selection of soups promise a delectable Thai experience. For those with a taste for spicy food, dare to try the Jungle chicken curry to exhilarate your taste-buds.

Rosie's and Little Rosie's Mexican Taqueria

Rosie's and Little Rosie's are two sister restaurants with the freshest Mexican food in Huntsville. Patrons' favorite dishes include the Mahi-Mahi tacos and enchiladas. The sangria is also a menu favorite. A scrumptious restaurant with freshly made dishes, Little Rosie's Mexican Taqueria is also famous for their tex-mex cuisine including tacos, fajitas, chalupas, and enchiladas. Freshly made guacamole and queso blanco will excite your appetite. Trying this restaurant is a must, and make sure you order a Rosie's Margarita!

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse features exciting meat and seafood options, from tender filets to sizzling blue crab cakes. A high-end and intimate restaurant with some of the most beautiful steaks in town, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is one of the most popular restaurants nationwide. Be sure to make a reservation and come with an empty stomach.

Sady’s Bistro

If you're looking for a transcendent menu, pop in to Sady's Bistro. Incredible breakfast and lunch choices will add a little bounce in your step for the rest of the day. The menu has a Latin influence and features home-made crepes, soups, and sandwiches. Only the freshest ingredients are used to make these delicious meals. Sady's Bistro also allows you to create your own salad, sandwich or smoothie.

Sam & Gregg’s Pizza

This quirky restaurant offers some of the best homemade pizza in town. With every hand-tossed pizza made to order, Sam & Greg's diners can choose from a selection of favorites or create their own. Anyone health conscious can opt for the organic whole wheat crust option and vegetarian pizzas. Restaurant favorites include the Key West and the Guido. After dinner, indulge in one of their famous gelato selections!

Shea’s Express

A perfect culinary experience will be had for anyone who chooses to dine at Shea's Express. Known for their in-house baked goods, this restaurant offers tasty sandwiches and soups, making it the perfect place for breakfast or lunch. With gluten free options and vegetarian options, Shea's Express will satisfy even the pickiest eater. Hot ham and brie paninis and flavorsome quiches are among diners' favorite dishes.

Steel City Pops

One of the most interesting shops in town, Steel City Pops is a Huntsville must do. This popsicle store creates unique, delicious and frozen pops. From pineapple jalapeno to more traditional strawberry pops, residents love stopping by Steel City Pops for a cool-down in the summer or a flavorful experience. The ingredients used are all natural or organic. One of the most popular pops is the maple bacon with bourbon, while others prefer to try one of the seasonal flavors!

Surin of Thailand

If you're craving sushi or Thai food, you should head to Surin of Thailand. Intense flavors will have you coming back regularly for these succulent dishes. Duck, lamb and seafood options are featured, in addition to stir fry and curry dishes. The freshest seafood is used to create sushi delights and original maki rolls.

Texas de Brazil

Texas De Brazil is a country-wide and international favorite. This restaurant carves a new experience in dining with Southern Brazil and Texan influences. When ready, diners flip a table card inviting carvers to stop by their table. Various cuts of lamb, pork, chicken, beef and sausage are cut tableside and include scrumptious Brazilian cheese bread. The restaurant's ambiance and wine menu enhance the dining experience at Texas De Brazil.

Venice Pizza

Venice Pizza is a simple nook with some of the most delectable slices you'll ever try. Don't just take our word for it—find out yourself. Looking for pizza by the slice? No problem, this restaurant has you covered. With a selection of specialty pizzas, pizzas by the slice, or build your own, Venice Pizza has the cheesiest deliciousness around. Also try their hot subs, burgers and pasta!

Food Trucks

With everything form food truck conventions to niche nosh nights, Huntsville’s food truck scene isn’t going anywhere. For a few years now, the mobile nature of dining has swept away the Rocket City, leading to a booming food truck culture.

There are so many events throughout the year that an official food truck season is required to keep track of them all. Pencil them in to start enjoying the local fare that’s lining up for.

Roll out of bed and head down to Courthouse Square to get your Saturday morning fixin’ of jo, bacon, and eggs at Food Truck Breakfast. Each week at this local staple is a little different, so you can rotate between sweet, savory, and whatever you fancy. Pay your local foodies a visit every Saturday in the summer months, until October 31.

It’s even easier to find and feast at your favorite food trucks, thanks to Rocket City Food Trucks. This handy tool lets you sort by food trucks open now and open today. The easy map view shows you exactly where they’re parked.


Craft beer is a soon-to-be Huntsville tradition that’s gaining quick traction among locals (a brewery hadn’t opened its doors in the city since prohibition). And while the underground trade of liquor ceased in that same era, strict laws prevented the city from tapping into the market of local craft beer.

Today Huntsville breweries are a destination for visitors and residents, who explore the malts, pale ales, and hefeweizens with delight.

Below the Radar

Huntsville's first craft-brewhouse, Below the Radar, has over thirty-two rotating draft beers from all over the world. This restaurant's menu features some American's favorite dishes, from the Cajun Rubbed Ribeye to a delicious BLT. Beer lovers gather at this restaurant to enjoy undiscovered craft beers and hearty food.

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Night and Evening

Nightlife in Huntsville has something to suit everyone. The increasing development of a distinctive downtown district has led to the emergence of a wealth of impressive clubs, pubs, and bars with mixed cultural influences and atmospheres.

Furniture Factory

Is the big game on this weekend? Don't miss a second of it at the Furniture Factory Bar & Grill. With 14 high-definition televisions and huge outdoor projectors you never have to miss a second of the game whether you're inside or outside on their sprawling patio. There's always something going on nearly every night of the week. Whether it's karaoke or a live band, Monday Night Football or trivia night, there's tons of entertainment week after week. Their menu features the classic pub favorites as well as their signature Factory Cheeseburger — a towering Angus beef burger with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese and all the fixings. For a laid-back night out with friends, the Furniture Factory could be just the place you're looking for.

Amendment XXI

Amendment XXI is a trendy cocktail lounge with a choice selection of signature top-shelf mixed drinks, locally brewed craft beer, and light food offerings. Whether you're looking for some after-work sips or are looking for a relaxed dance floor with live music and DJs, Amendment XXI has you covered. This hip, bi-level lounge is conveniently located on the corner of Washington Street and Northside Square, with great walking distance to other popular nightlife destinations.

The Nook

The Nook isn't your average bar. If you fancy yourself a beer connoisseur, then you'll feel like you've stumbled upon the Holy Grail of taverns at The Nook. Finding your favorite brew could be the challenge of a lifetime with over 500 different options to choose from, and pair that with one of the globally inspired mouth-watering entrées or appies from the menu and you'll instantly be hooked. Hop on over to the Nook just off of Bob Wallace Ave to experience it for yourself.

The Stem and Stein

Stem and Stein wine cellar and bar features a rotating selection of beers on tap and over 25 choices of wines by-the-glass. Groove along to live music every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night and check out their upgraded menu featuring delicious dishes that will hit your pub fair expectations right out of the park. Start your night off with the Parmesan Asparagus, follow that with the Jalapeno Popper Bacon Panini and pair it with your favorite beer, scotch, or wine. Stem and Stein is located along County Line Road between the Chevron gas station and Last Resort Guns and Range.

The Voodoo Lounge

The Voodoo Lounge is a chill hideaway that prides itself on showcasing local artists and classic blues jams. Year after year the residents of Huntsville have voted the lounge as the best bar in Huntsville, especially if you're in the mood for a fun night out with friends without the distraction of televisions and techno music. Are you musically inclined? Join them every Thursday for open mic night and again for karaoke on Sundays.

Madison Station Bar and Grill

Madison Station is a causal bar with a little something for everyone. Cheer on your favorite sports team, hit the dance floor with your friends, or just go there to enjoy some amazing food. This bi-level lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere and intimate tables so that you and your cohorts can swap funny stories without missing a beat. Their menu mostly consists of classic pub offerings like fish tacos and a chicken club sandwich, but there are also a few more upscale dishes like a New York strip steak as well. You'll go for the food, but stay for the atmosphere at Madison Station Bar & Grill.

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