Madison and Huntsville Schools

Schools in Madison and Huntsville are some of the best in the state — in fact, the wealth of excellent and highly esteemed educational institutions in this area are part of what make these two cities popular relocation destinations. First-rate schools at every level of education can be found in and near Madison and Huntsville communities. Whether you're looking for a prestigious private school, an award-winning public school close to home, Catholic school, or a school that offers specialization programs—you can find them in Huntsville and Madison.

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Parent Teacher Associations

Both cities are known for PTAs with an outstanding rate of involvement and student success. In 2015, the Outstanding School Leader awards and Family School Partnership awards at the state’s PTA convention were taken home mostly by our two local districts. Accolades for their leadership went out to administrators, teachers, and support staff alike.

Student Excellence

Schools here offer outstanding academic preparation often through extra educational initiatives and programming to help your student exceed well beyond their time in the classroom.

Huntsville & Madison schools also count among the prestigious Blue Ribbon Lighthouse Schools. It’s in these designated institutions that the curriculum places an emphasis on student growth through technology, project-oriented learning, and tailored learning plans. A total of nine schools in the two districts have been named Lighthouse schools.

Madison Schools

Madison City Schools offers top notch education across the city, and across all levels. This district offers two high schools, two middle schools, and seven elementary schools. These schools excel in academics, with the test scores reaching higher than the national average.

In 2014, the Department of Defense awarded the district $1.7 million of funding to develop and further educational programs for our tech-focused generation. Initiatives included programs for second language learning and STEM curriculums.

Set the bar higher with Madison City Schools. See the full list of Madison, AL schools.

Huntsville Schools

A large and comprehensive district, Huntsville City School System has a wealth of institutions for its student population. These include pre-k programs, elementary schools, middle schools and junior highs, and high schools. They also offer enrolment at Magnet Schools, where students can gain knowledge and expertise in their areas of focus. Virgil Grissom, Huntsville High, and New Century Technology are among Huntsville’s best high schools. Ranking a prestigious 10 on, these educational favorites shine in student satisfaction and growth.

No matter what school your child attends, the aim is to offer each student the tool kit to be competitive on the job market and to succeed in their goals. View all schools in the Huntsville School District.

View Schools in the Huntsville School District

Private Schools

There's a long standing list of private schools in the Huntsville and Madison areas. Bolstered by the high-teach industry, these schools offer geared programs to their students—all in preparation to be active members of the local economy and society. If you're relocating to Huntsville, consider discovering how these independent schools can offer the community environment your children will thrive in.

Huntsville Private Schools

  • Randolph School: This k-12 independent school has been educating Huntsville learners since 1959. Rather than focus on student success in one field or just academics, this institution aims to educate students through a holistic approach of growth.
  • Whitesburg Christian Academy: Kingdom Education is key at the Whitesburg Christian Academy, where the school community extends beyond students and parents to include the church. Each student is welcomed to grow and learn with guidance from the dedicated faculty.

Madison Private Schools

  • Madison Academy: A high quite unlike any other, Madison Academy takes a campus approach to their school, allowing students to become integral members of their educational community, whether that means enjoying the Corral student center, participating in one of the many athletic teams, or excelling in academics.
  • St. John the Baptist Catholic School: Accredited with AdvancED and a member of the National Catholic Education Association, this Madison school offers exceptional education to students from k-8. In addition, they offer a range of student clubs to complement the academics.
  • Westminster Christian Academy: This Madison schools offers a rigorous education program with a covenantal foundation. The two faceted approach allows the faculty to help students grow in all aspects of their lives, and in a Christian community.