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Our top reasons for moving to Huntsville, AL.

Huntsville, Alabama, also known as Rocket City, is the site of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command. Huntsville may have under 200,000 inhabitants but its place in history is already set in stone, and its future is exceptionally promising. This illustrious hub of progress and innovation is a prominent cultural and technological center in North Alabama and indeed the nation.

Located in both Madison and Limestone Counties and hosting a vibrant population of just under 436,000, Huntsville lives up to its venerated name in every category of civic excellence: art, science, economic strength, community engagement, resourcefulness, progress, and quality of life.

Though it's surrounded by Huntsville, Madison, AL is a gem in its own right, located at the heart of its namesake county. This city is ideally sized and has everything that makes a locale worth living in: world-class cosmopolitan amenities, proximity to major global cities, pristine nature, small-town charm, a sense of community, and a strong economy and local culture. At fewer than 47,000 residents, Madison is still a small city; this, combined with its rapid economic and population growth results in a unique blend of small-town southern serenity and the sensational buzz brought by an exciting new business sector.

Professional Opportunities

Huntsville Employment

We've said it already and we'll say it again. Rocket City is something else. As Mayor Tommy Battle has stated, ever since the Saturn V took off, this former farming community has witnessed a "high-tech growth spurt." This futuristic city combines the best of both worlds, with its research and innovation workshops at its core, next to primeval nature sloping up the side of a mountain — the awe-inspiring vistas of the Cumberland Plateau and Appalachian Range wait just beyond the digital and aeronautical structures of the city. As a result of this unique location, professional opportunities range from the agricultural and conservational to the peak of the technological. Space technology development in Huntsville began in the 1950s and continues today.

Major employing industries in Huntsville include military/ aerospace and defense, medical, education, aeronautics, research, telecommunications and local government. Over 40 Fortune 500 companies have offices in Huntsville, while global tech startups are becoming increasingly plentiful. Cummings Research Park provides mass employment for professionals in the tech industry and is the fourth largest research park in the entire world. Visit our Employers page to learn more about employment opportunities in Huntsville and the Huntsville, AL economy.

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Madison Employment

Technology. That's the specialty of Madison, AL. And it always has been. In 2013, Madison was named a Google 'eCity', an award granted to cities considered to be one of America's 'digital capitals'. Measured by the strength of online business communities in each area, this designation fits Madison perfectly. Madison is also within easy proximity to the major employers of Huntsville, and makes a great place to live while working in Huntsville.

Cummings Research Park and Redstone Arsenal are both approximately 15 minute drives from central Madison. Madison's professional community is comprised primarily of those working in the high-tech and defense industries, while local businesses also offer sustainable careers. Innovative start-ups have been thriving in this northern Alabama city, and have provided endless support and enrichment for the community. Madison is in the process of becoming a "Gig City", with a plan to build 120 miles of fiber cables throughout Madison in order to boost data transmission rates to 100 GB/second.

The population of Madison has grown by 8.2% over the past five years and continues to prosper. Business will only get stronger and career prospects will only increase. Whether you're looking to move into a new field or further your impact in the one you're already in, there's no better place than Madison to carve out your goals.

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Universities & Colleges

Education in Huntsville

Huntsville is close to a plethora of highly regarded schools for every stage of your education. The University of Alabama In Huntsville or UAH is probably the most notable and well known university amongst newcomers, but the number of excellent options exceeds far beyond this world-class college. Colleges and universities located in and near Huntsville, Alabama include:

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Education in Madison

When it comes to education in Madison, unparalleled opportunity is available at every level. Many come to this area for the higher education prospects. Though not all located directly in Madison, the city provides an ideal base for commutes to these world-class institutions:

For younger students and families with children, The Madison City School System is an excellent resource for finding information about the city's outstanding and award-winning schools. Prompting local engagement these esteemed institutions offer first-rate academic support and special programs, with students consistently demonstrating successful pursuit of scholarship.

Entertainment & Leisure

Things to do in Huntsville

Entertainment and leisure in Huntsville is the heart and soul of Huntsville's cultural life — these things, combined with the rich history of the city make culture in Huntsville vibrant yet reflective.

The City of Huntsville has two designated arts & entertainment districts at its downtown core. These are called the Quigley District and the Meridian District. Both were unveiled relatively recently and include a wealth of high-end restaurants, pubs, bars, brewing companies, music halls, lounges, and the Von Braun Center — a huge arena with a seating capacity of 10,000. These districts thrive with activity. For 15 weeks of the year, The Arts Council provides top-notch outdoor entertainment including street performance, block parties, and art exhibits.

Things to do in Madison

Madison is one of those rare places where past, present, and future truly intertwine. Witness the stunning architecture of historic buildings — the Church of The Nativity was built during the mid-1800s. Alabama Constitution Village will take you back in time to 1819 so you can get a feel for what Madison was like almost 200 years before today. Or, propel yourself into the future by visiting the Science Future or Robot Zoo exhibit at the Rocket Center. The choice is yours, and no matter what you choose to do you'll be experiencing it at its absolute best.

You can even join a city 'Newcomers Club' and meet lifelong friends, who you'll know long after your designation as 'newcomer' is over.

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Parks & Recreation

Exploring Huntsville

Huntsville may be a high-tech city, but that doesn't mean you can't also find the best of Alabama nature right outside your Huntsville doorstep. The city is situated along the easternmost edges of the Tennessee River, with most of Huntsville's perimeters falling to the slight south of Wheeler Lake. William B. Bankhead National Forest is located just over an hour to the southwest of the city. This forest occupies over 181,200 acres of untouched woodland and is the site of National Wild and Scenic River, Sipsey Fork. The trip to the forest from Huntsville is a stunning one, taken through lush and picturesque countryside.

A host of other lakes, creeks, rivers, and natural spaces cover the land near Huntsville. Hikers will enjoy the proximity of dazzling views from Round Top Mountain, Keel Mountain, Huntsville Mountain, Wade Mountain, Berry Mountain, Rainbow Mountain, and Green Mountain, home of the Madison County Nature Trail.

Exploring Madison

Monte Sano State Park is located approximately 25 minutes to the east of Madison, AL. This gorgeous 2,140-acre park features pristine expanses of mountainous land, as well as campsites, hike and mountain bike trails, and breathtaking lookout points. If you plan to stay overnight, you can choose from a lovely collection of rustic cabins and cozy Alpine-style lodges. To the southwest of Madison, one can find the stunning banks of the Tennessee River, as well as Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. Boaters, hikers, mountaineers, and all lovers of the great outdoors will feel right at home in Madison.

The endless beautiful places that surround Madison offer opportunities for exploration that enthusiasts will never tire of. Climb a mountain, do some stargazing, and grab some pure local honey from Greenbrier Farm on your way back home. For those who love nature, life in Madison is truly sweet.

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Awards And Designations

  • Google eCity 2013 — Google Inc.
  • A Top 50 Best Place to Live — CNN Money Magazine
  • #2 Best Place In The United States To Grow Up — U.S. News & World Report
  • Best Cities For Young Families In Alabama — NerdWallet

Huntsville & Madison In the Press

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Area Resources

You may be asking yourself: How can I feel at home in a new city? Well — these aren't just any cities. Huntsville and Madison area unique locality that caters to the wants and needs of every kind of homebuyer — no matter who you are. People living in the area are many things. They are devoted and skilled outdoor enthusiasts. They are technology and research pioneers and entrepreneurial innovators. They are recent graduates; some are dedicated to family businesses. They are students, foodies, sommeliers, entertainers, athletes, and explorers — and everything in between. No matter your interests, goals, and areas of expertise, you're bound to find your niche in Huntsville and Madison. And with a compact, close-knit population, you'll have a fantastic community to rely on, too!

Visit the Huntsville and Madison County Visitor's Centre website for more information on the area. If you'd like to take your research to the next level, browse the links below for area resources and information on local services.

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For scientists, future scientists, students and educators, researchers and implementers, families, retirees, executives, and artists — Huntsville & Madison can be your base. Not only will you feel at home here, you'll become one of the many pioneers who have lived in this rich city. Huntsville and Madison create visionaries, and visionaries create great cities. Interested in moving to Huntsville, AL? Start browsing homes on the market or get in touch with a relocation specialist.

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