Huntsville Employment: Major Employers

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If there's one memorable phrase about Huntsville, it's "bulletproof economy". Employment in Huntsville, AL includes leading, world-class organizations that blaze new trails in their respective fields. If you're ready to go somewhere that cultivates success, that is host to some of the world's brightest minds, a place where you can collaborate, innovate, teach, and learn — Huntsville, AL is your playground.


adtranADTRAN is one of the biggest names in communication on the globe. The company provides equipment for networking and communications in the areas of voice, video, data, and Internet. Headquartered in Huntsville, ADTRAN employees work to develop cutting edge technologies to make communications across the world simpler and more affordable.

Adtran Careers



aegisAEgis is a premier modelling and simulation technology company, recognized worldwide for its weapon systems development. The company develops simulation technology and training solutions, warfighter exercise support, 3D models and more. Employees also work in other areas of advanced technologies, including energy, defense, and biotechnology.

Aegis Careers


BAE Systems

bae systemsBae Systems is a leader in aerospace, security, and technology-led defense solutions. The company researches and develops military capability products and systems, and other employment opportunities can be found in areas of engineering and manufacturing.

Bae Systems Careers


The Boeing Company

boeingBoeing Company employs 3,000 and is a key component of Huntsville's aerospace industry — a major draw for engineers.

Boeing Careers



Booz Allen Hamilton

booz allen hamiltonBooz Allen is a management consulting firm, offering technology, security, and management services. As a security and defense contract to government agencies, the company's services include communications, information technology, strategic planning, computer modeling, simulation, and more.

Booz Allen Careers


Camber Corporation

camber coporationCamber Corporation, a cyber intelligence firm, is another hallmark of the high-tech and defense industries in Huntsville. Employing just over 2,100, the company is located at 635 Discovery Drive in Cummings Research Park.

Camber Corporation Careers



City of Huntsville

city of huntsvilleThe City of Huntsville employs over 2,200 in a wide range of fields from finance to law inforcement, transit, administrative, and recreation.

City of Huntsville Careers




digiumDigium is a communications technology company and the developer of the globe's most widely used open source communications software, Asterisk. This privately held company has won several awards for its products and offers career opportunities in a variety of positions.

Digium Careers



directvDIRECTV is a television technology company, committed to offering the best in television entertainment. Employment opportunities at this company include careers in customer care, marketing, in-home services, engineering and technology, and more.



Dynetics, Inc.

dyneticsDynetics, Inc. is an employer to 982 at present and is quickly growing as it continues to work with other significant employers in the area, such as NASA

Dynetics Careers




hudsonalphaHudsonAlpha is located at the Biotech Campus of Cummings Research Park. This non-profit facility researches genomics, and is dedicated to studies in improving the quality of life and health of humans. It's mission is three-fold, and includes genomic research, economic development, and education.

HudsonAlpha Careers


Huntsville Hospital

huntsville hospitalHuntsville Hospital is the workplace for over 6,000 employees in the Huntsville area. This expansive facility is a leading public medical campus and a staple of Huntsville's health industry.

Huntsville Hospital Careers



Huntsville City Schools

huntsville schoolsHuntsville City Schools are a prominent and excellent employer, with an employee count of approximately 3,000.

Huntsville City Schools Careers




intergraphIntergraph is a software development company that creates products for organizations, businesses, and governments worldwide. Its products include engineering and geospatial software such as I/CAD, GIS, and ERDAS IMAGINE.

Intergraph Careers




JacobsAt Jacobs, employment opportunities exist in areas of industrial maintenance, construction, fabrication, and management technologies.  The company serves a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, mining, biotechnology, and more.

Jacobs Careers




nasaNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is the site of a group of pioneers leading the field of space propulsion. At the heart of every NASA mission is Marshall Space Flight Center, and in Huntsville you can be part of it. The center employs almost 7,000 people and is located at Redstone Arsenal.

Marshall Space Flight Center Careers


Northrop Grumman

northrop grummanNorthrop Grumman is a premier security company worldwide. The company's mission is to be a leader in technology and innovation, providing products for government and commercial clients in the areas of logistics, cyber technologies, and unmanned systems. Employment opportunities include positions in business, engineering, administration, cybersecurity, administration, and manufacturing.

Northrop Grumman Careers



polarisPolaris Industries is coming to Huntsville and is accepting applicants for a training program for manufacturing roles in their new facility. Graduates of the program have the opportunity for employment developing recreational vehicles.

Polaris Careers




ppgPPG is a manufacturing company, producing paints, optical products, glass, and other specialty materials.  The Huntsville PPG plant manufactures products for the aerospace industry, for both commercial markets and the military.

PPG Careers



qualitestQualitest is a Huntsville company that develops and manufactures generic pharmaceuticals. It is owned by the holding company Endo International and offers careers in operations and manufacturing, R&D, sales, finance, and more.

Qualitest Careers


Redstone Arsenal

united states armyRedstone Arsenal is a defining employer in the Hunstville area, with over 31,000 employees. Many of Redstone Arsenal's workers are civilians, and the number of employees is only set to grow. As a core nucleus of the missile-defense and aerospace industries, Redstone draws many to relocate to Huntsville and its surrounding communities.

Redstone Arsenal Careers



remingtonRemington is a manufacturing company producing firearms and ammunition. Employment opportunities include positions in engineering, customer service, lab technicians, and more.

Remington Careers


SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation)

saicSAIC is a powerful presence in Huntsville, with some 2,300 employees and a swanky headquarters in Cummings Research Park.

SAIC Careers



Teledyne Brown

teledyne brownTeledyne Brown works in engineering and manufacturing, serving a variety of industries, including marine, aerospace, defense, and energy. Careers include those in engineering, software analysis, administration, and more.

Teledyne Brown Careers



Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama

toyotaToyota employs close to 1,300 people at the company's Huntsville plant and has seen incredible levels of success in recent history — in fact Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama's 4th million engine was celebrated "hot off the press" in September 2015.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama Careers



TVATVA is a federally-owned company in the industry of flood control, electricity generation, fertilizer production, and navigation. The corporation's facilities include dams, nuclear power plants, and renewable energy generation facilities, to name a few.

TVA Careers


Verizon Wireless

verizonVerizon is the area's top telecommunications employer. It's premier location at Thornton Research Park employs 1,200.

Verizon Careers




wyleWyle has customers in NASA, the US Department of Defense and other federal agencies. The company offers technical and scientific services, as well as engineering to the government.

Wyle Careers



Decatur Plants

Decatur's heavy-duty economy is padded by its many manufacturing jobs, provided by first-class companies. The greater region surrounding the city of Decatur is home to the largest number of engineers per capita in the United States. This area is a seat of innovation and productivity, and employers here are some of the best in the world, including:

Wayne Farms LLC

wayne farmsWayne Farms LLC is one of the biggest poultry producers in the country. In Decatur, the company runs one Fresh Processing Facility and one Further Processing Facility.

Wayne Farms LLC Careers




nucorNucor's Decatur Steel Mill employs over 700 and is regarded as a premier employer in the region. This manufacturor of carbon steel sheet is also the largest steel producer in the country — as well as the largest recycler.

Nucor Careers




3mThis global manufacturing company holds 850 employees at its Decatur facility and offers unparalleled opportunities for career growth.

3M Careers



Cummings Research Park

cummings research parkCummings Research Park is the 2nd largest research park in the United States and one of the premier science and technology complexes in the world.

Cummings Research Park Employers

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