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Is Huntsville the Worst Alabama City to Invest in?

Is Huntsville the worst city in Alabama to invest in? You might be surprised by the answer. A recent study utilizing data from Zillow has raised some concerns about the investment potential of properties in Huntsville. While the study focuses primarily on cash flow, it overlooks a crucial aspect of investment properties—appreciation. In fact, when you consider the strong appreciation rates and the multiplier effect of leveraging your money in Huntsville, this city emerges as a top contender for high returns. So, before dismissing Huntsville as an unfavorable investment destination, let's delve deeper into the factors that truly matter for investors.

Considerations in Zillow Study


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How to Build Wealth | Fixed Rate Mortgage

Whether interest rates are in the 3’s or the 6’s the fixed rate mortgage is one of the most powerful wealth builders in the universe. By locking in a stable interest rate, a fixed rate mortgage can be used as a tool to build wealth over time. Regular mortgage payments, combined with an appreciating property value, can help homeowners build equity, or ownership in their home, which can serve as a valuable asset and source of long-term financial security. Additionally, the predictable monthly payments of a fixed rate mortgage can allow for budgeting and financial planning.

How the Fixed Rate Mortgage Builds Wealth

Number one is appreciation. It's not just appreciation, but it's a leveraged…

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Real Estate Investor Slowdown

Real estate has been weird for the last couple of years, especially for real estate investors. We've had COVID, we've had this 5.5 million home deficit in the housing market, and then we've had this rise of institutional buyers in the marketplace. As a real estate investor, I've always been taught that you make a lot of your money at the purchase stage so you want to buy a home priced right.

All that's been thrown out the window over the last couple of years with this rise of institutional home buyers. They're buying homes at list price, often $20,000 to $30,000 above list price, and buying hundreds and even thousands of homes at a time. So why did they do this? It all came down to yield spreads and cap rates.

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The Future of Huntsville Home Prices

Huntsville, Alabama has been touted as one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. to live in with high average salaries and below average cost of living, including home prices below the national median. But will that continue? Yahoo! Finance recently did an article with predictions on when several major cities throughout the US will become too expensive.

Guess who made that list? You got it, our very own Rocket City. The article references a study done by Go Banking rates, which predicts Huntsville loses its label of affordability in 2030. In that year, it’s predicted that the average home value surpasses seven figures and comes in at nearly $1.2 million. That's an increase of nearly four times our…

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Fixed Rate Mortgage &
How It Can Make You Rich

Homeowners have an average net worth that is 40x that of renters but the question is “Why?” Homeowners have an average net worth of over $250,000 versus only $6,300 for renters not because they’re better savers, it’s because of the fixed rate mortgage.

The fixed rate mortgage is the most powerful investment tool in the universe because it helps you build wealth in three ways:

1) You benefit from price appreciation that comes from inflation. Also, assuming you invest 20% down, 10% appreciation actually turns into a 50% gain in your money. 

2) You benefit from principal reduction, which is like a forced savings account for every mortgage payment that you make.

3) You benefit from tax…

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