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2024 Housing Market Predictions

In 2024, the real estate landscape is poised for shifts, impacting buying or selling a home in Huntsville, Alabama. Interest rate projections, home sales trends, new construction insights, rent forecasts, and home value expectations will play crucial roles in navigating the Huntsville housing market this year.

2024 Predictions #1: Interest Rates

Interest rates made significant headlines in 2023, impacting home affordability and sales. Looking ahead to 2024, let's start with our forecast for interest rates. The Fed has offered guidance on their plans for 2024. Even before this announcement, it seemed clear what their course of action would be. A Wall Street Journal article analyzed past Fed patterns,…

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Is Huntsville the Worst Alabama City to Invest in?

Is Huntsville the worst city in Alabama to invest in? You might be surprised by the answer. A recent study utilizing data from Zillow has raised some concerns about the investment potential of properties in Huntsville. While the study focuses primarily on cash flow, it overlooks a crucial aspect of investment properties—appreciation. In fact, when you consider the strong appreciation rates and the multiplier effect of leveraging your money in Huntsville, this city emerges as a top contender for high returns. So, before dismissing Huntsville as an unfavorable investment destination, let's delve deeper into the factors that truly matter for investors.

Considerations in Zillow Study


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Does Raising Interest Rates Help Inflation? | Huntsville, Alabama Housing Market News

Interest rates are at the highest levels that they've been in 20 years and inflation is at the highest levels that we've seen since the 1980s. The Fed continues to raise interest rates to combat inflation but does raising interest rates actually impact and lower inflation?

Economics comes down to supply and demand. Most purchasers of big-ticket items such as boats, cars, and homes are also borrowers. Raising interest rates affects the demand for those products because the purchasers are likely to borrow less as a result.. The ‘wealth effect’ is another factor that affects demand. As interest rates rise, that typically has a negative impact on the stock market…

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