The History, Growth, & Success of Madison City Schools

In this FAQ video, Erica DeSpain from All Things Madison and Matt Curtis from Matt Curtis Real Estate delve into what makes Madison City Schools one of the best school districts in the state of Alabama and answer frequently asked questions about the Madison City Schools district. As a top-performing district, all schools within the system have received an ‘A’ rating from the state department of education. With equal opportunities for students and appointed school board members, Madison City Schools offers a unique and successful approach to education. Join us as we explore the history, growth, and success of Madison City Schools, and learn why it's an excellent choice for families looking for a quality education.

History of Madison City Schools

We know that your decision about where to live often revolves around where you want your children to go to school. Madison City Schools continues to maintain a consistent reputation of being one of the best school districts in the state of Alabama and is responsible for attracting hundreds of new families to Madison each year.

In 1896, Madison Training School was located at the current corner of College Street and Sullivan Street, and in 1936 a new building was built called Madison High School.  It transitioned from a high school to a middle school and has now been Madison Elementary School since 1990. Madison Elementary School is now one of seven elementary schools within the district. There is also a pre-k center, two high schools, and two middle schools with a third opening in the summer of 2023.

Madison City Schools will soon be home to 12 schools when Journey Middle School opens in the summer of 2023. For now, Midtown Elementary School is the district’s newest school and welcomes more than 1,000 students in grades K-5 every single day.

Schools in the Madison City Schools District:

  • MCS First Class Pre-K Center
  • Madison Elementary School
  • Columbia Elementary School
  • Heritage Elementary School
  • Horizon Elementary School
  • Midtown Elementary School
  • Mill Creek Elementary School
  • Rainbow Elementary School
  • Discovery Middle School
  • Liberty Middle School
  • Journey Middle School (Summer of 2023)
  • Bob Jones High School
  • James Clemens High School

Growth of Madison City Schools

Although the district is one of the top performing in the state, it’s actually only 25 years old. In the mid-1990s, a group of residents came together and worked hard to separate from the Madison County School System. The city of Madison was experiencing explosive growth at the time due to expanding employment opportunities in the area, and the schools in Madison knew they wanted to offer the best of the best to its school-aged children.

Citizens actually willing taxed themselves to make this happen and build the framework for the district that is still in place today. The strong desire to achieve excellence and meet high standards has paid off, last year an impressive 19% of high school seniors scored a 30 or higher on their ACT. That equates to some serious college scholarship opportunities!

This district also has incredibly high standards for its employees as well. It employs over 1,400 full-time employees and attracts them from all over the region. Another fact that makes Madison City Schools unique from many others in the area is that school board members are appointed, not elected. Madison City School’s school board members serve five-year terms and are appointed to represent the district as a whole without being partial to one school over another. Many believe this is another differentiating factor in the success of Madison City Schools.

Success of Madison City Schools

Did you know that the state department of education recently gave every single school within the district an ‘A’ on their report cards? Out of 137 districts in the state, only five received all ‘A’s!

There are a few things about this district in particular that differentiate itself from others that many believe have led to the tremendous success and growth of the district. For starters, all of the schools are nearly equal socioeconomically. Madison City Schools strive for every student in the district to have similar opportunities in the classroom and with clubs, sports, and other extracurriculars. This means that sometimes you might not be zoned for the school that’s just around the block from you, though the system does try very hard to zone your home within close proximity of a school nearby.

Having strong schools across the board means that your home values remain high because all homes in Madison feed into a school that is just as great as the one across town. Madison residents have a general pride for Madison City Schools as a whole rather than just the one school their family members attend. Madison residents are proud to be a part of this district it’s one that strives to give all students the same high standard of opportunities.

From academics to athletics to special education opportunities and extracurriculars and so much more, Madison City Schools strives every single day to build on the framework that was set two decades ago and continue to offer the city of Madison educational opportunities that are hard to match anywhere else in the state.

No matter where you choose to live in this city, you’ll be sure your children are receiving a quality education.

To learn more about Madison City Schools, visit their website at

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