For Every 100 Homes We Sell
We Build A Home In Nicaragua

We've seen the difference the right home can make in someone's life. As a result, our team is greatly passionate about expanding that opportunity in our community as well as in the greater global community. Because of YOU Deserving Families Have A Place To Call Home!

Pray for Nicaragua

Matt Curtis Real Estate partnered with Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua with a goal of raising the funds to build 1,000 homes for families during our lifetimes. We were fortunate to travel there and to build 140 homes for deserving families. Unfortunately, the political unrest in Nicaragua has made it impossible for us to travel there. Please continue to pray for our friends in Nicaragua. We hope that someday again we can work towards our goal of building homes for deserving families.

Work With Us

Why We Help

Can you imagine raising a family in conditions that make survival challenging? Unfortunately, that is the reality for so many families living in Nicaragua. 3 out of 10 Nicaraguan families live in inadequate conditions. That means a home that is overcrowded, of poor quality or without basic services such as indoor plumbing.

Nicaragua also has an incredibly high housing deficit. It is estimated that about 975,000 homes are needed to meet this deficit. While we are only a small part of the work being done to help families living there, we're incredibly humbled by the experience and grateful to extend our help beyond our own backyards.

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