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Search for all Southeast Huntsville homes for sale — just browse the up-to-date listings below! Welcome to Southeast Huntsville, AL, one of the most real estate-rich parts of this city. Home to exceedingly spacious properties, Southeast Huntsville is located in a portion of town that's home to a wealth of gorgeous parks, golf clubs, and waterways. As a result, the area is exceptionally green and lush, and properties tend to lean toward the luxurious side. However, homes in the area remain diverse, and properties can be found to suit all budgets.

If you're suited to maximum convenience, proximity to amazing community amenities, and beautiful natural landscapes, you'll undoubtedly find your perfect home on the Southeast Huntsville real estate market.

Explore the currently listed Southeast Huntsville homes below — or learn more about Southeast Huntsville real estate trends!

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Southeast Huntsville Real Estate

Southeast Huntsville real estate is diverse, extensive, and artistically crafted. Regardless of size, style, or age, properties here exude all the charm and refinement of many historic southern estates. Condos, townhomes, single-family detached homes, and vast gated estates can all be found on this eclectic market.

Southeast Huntsville Home Prices

The starting price for Southeast Huntsville real estate currently stands at approximately $30,000 — at this price point, buyers can find small bungalows and condos at 1,100 sq.ft. or under. Until close to $125,000, condos, townhomes, and single-story bungalows continue to dominate the market, but the square footage tends to increase along with price, while the age of properties decreases. By close to the $130,000 mark, more spacious single-family detached homes become the chief property type, and two-story homes become more common. Just before the $200,000s, buyers will notice more and more additional home features, such as swimming pools, pillars, oversized garages, gables, and properties above 2,100 sq.ft. Similar gorgeous single-family brick and stone homes become more extravagant as they span up into the high $500,000s.

By the high $600,000s, homes have entered an indisputable tier of luxury. These are expansive brick estates, often over two stories, with on-site luxury amenities such as resort-style saltwater pools, basketball courts, libraries, pool rooms, home gyms, two-story foyers, stacked stone fireplaces, and granite/stainless steel kitchen combinations. Further add-ons include spa bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, media rooms, wine coolers, fountains, and courtyards facing sweeping panoramic city views. Home prices on the southeast Huntsville real estate listings can price at close to $7,000,000 but most luxury homes peak closer to the $2 or $3 million mark.

Amenities of Southeast Huntsville Homes

Southeast Huntsville homes are close to amazing amenities, inside and outside the property lines. Southeast Huntsville is the location of many amazing parks and natural areas. These include the following:

  • Big Cat Creek Tract
  • Burritt on the Mountain
  • Blevins Gap Preserve
  • The Certain Tract & Sugar Tree Trail
  • Ditto Landing
  • Aldridge Creek Greenway
  • Blevins Gap Preserve
  • Madison County Nature Trail

The southern portions of Land Trust of North Alabama and Monte Sano State Park also stretch into Southeast Huntsville.

Monte Sano State Park extends into Northeast Huntsville, but it begins in the southeast. This expansive park features amazing mountain views, lodges and rentable rustic cabins. If you're more suited to city amenities, Southeast Huntsville homes are all incredibly proximate to the world-class facilities of downtown Huntsville, AL — a place that offers rich history, unparalleled social and professional opportunities, a thriving economy, and year-round entertainment.

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