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At Matt Curtis Real Estate, we're always innovating and coming up with the most options to connect you to the right buyer and get the top price for your home. Not only will you have industry leaders on your side, but we're local and understand the market. If you want your home to sell faster and for more money, Matt Curtis Real Estate is the right choice!

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Step 1: Choose a Plan Step 2: List Your Home Step 3: Complete Your Sale


Step 1: Choose a Plan

Our home-selling options cover a range of needs!

  • Make 1 Move
  • Hot Home - Most Popular
  • Fix to Sell
  • Instant Offer
  • Match Maker
  • Find Your Own Buyer Guarantee

With Matt Curtis Real Estate's Make 1 Move Program, we'll help you buy your new home before you sell your old one. This way, you'll only have to move once and you can get through your selling experience with confidence and less stress.

With our Hot Home selling option, we'll advertise your home and share it directly with our exclusive network of buyers to generate maximum exposure and the best possible price and terms. 

We'll invest up to $10,000 of our own money and manage all the necessary repairs and improvements to help sell your home for top dollar with our Fix to Sell Program. 

Get an Instant Offer on your home and pick your closing date while skipping the showings, stress and repairs. We'll pay up to 93% of your home's value!

We'll help match you with unlisted homes, and get the price and terms you're looking for on the sale of your old home with our Match Maker program. 

If you find your own buyer who isn't represented by an agent, we handle the details of your transaction and reduce our commission to 1% with our Find Your Own Buyer Guarantee!

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Step 2: List Your Home

List your home for sale with Matt Curtis Real Estate and let our listing agents work for you! Let our $1+ million annual marketing budget, 80,000+ potential buyers, professional photography, and our team advantage take the hassle out of selling your home.

  • $1+ Million Annual Marketing Budget working for you!
  • We've built a database of 80,000+ potential buyers.

  • We hire professional photographers to get the BEST angle on your home to showcase to buyers!

  • 200+ people see our yard signs every month and call us.
  • Team Advantage: Full Admin Support, Constant Communication, Faster Response Times, Built-In Efficiencies, Specialized Team Members

  • #1 Reviewed Real Estate Team in Alabama

We've helped 5,000+ local families buy + sell homes.


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Step 3: Complete Your Sale

Whether you chose Make 1 Move, Hot Home, Fix to Sell, or Instant Offer - our team helps you move on into your next dream home! You are able to smoothly move on to the next phase in your life!

Our closing team assists you in getting all aspects of closing to completion, including paperwork and setting up appointments with the buyer so that you can breathe easy knowing a specialist is handling your sale. 

Our team is here for you every step of the way!

Call us today at 256-333-MOVE!

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We Keep You in the Loop

Informed sellers are more successful, you are able to get direct feedback from showings on your password-protected seller’s portal. The portal also shows when your home is unlocked, giving you peace of mind while you are away or out of town.

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