The Search for Quality Pet Care

My friend Michelle was in a quandary.  Her family was driving to west Texas to visit family during the holiday, and she needed someone local to care for her high-maintenance fur baby, Rip.

Rip is not an easy pet.  Old age is his main issue.  He’s prone to getting sick and must be given pet meds and shots.  Michelle has boarded him before, but they only took him outside twice for bathroom breaks.  So, Rip was not happy at the kennel—and honestly…who can blame poor Rip? Michelle was at her wit’s end.  It’s not easy to find quality pet care.  Especially at Christmas!

The Solution: Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire & Petz Pack

I wish I’d known about Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire and Petz Pack when Michelle was asking for referrals back in December.  These two businesses offer the highest standards in pet care.

Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire owner, Carol Ingram, says, “I solve the problem for pet owners who are traveling, who do not want to board their dogs in a facility.” The pet sitter stays in your home and strives to keep the pet’s routine as close to normal as possible.  If the pet generally sleeps with its owner, Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire sleeps with them.  Pet Au Pair plays with the pets and takes them for walks.  “We give them a lot of attention.

Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire can stay over the weekend. They take care of your pets’ special needs. Your Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire sitter can administer keep them on a special diet if needed. “Probably half of my customers have boarded their dogs in the past, and the problem—whether they’re with a vet or another care—is that sometimes the pets have to have special food. They may have to have meds,” says Carol, adding that sometimes the information doesn’t get passed on to all the kennel staff. 

“At least half of my customers have had dogs where they didn’t get fed and they were sick when the owners returned.  We take care for the pets their way the owners would.” Carol has taken care of other animals such as guinea pigs, and once she took care of a attorney’s tarantula!! Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire also sells Paw Tree Nutrition, a wholesome pet food line.

Petz Pack knows that our pets are part of our family.  They also know that our pets have regular routines that can get out of sync when we’re not home.  Therefore, they work to keep routines as regular as possible so you can “say goodbye to traditional kenneling forever!” 

With these two outstanding pet care options, next time Rip will have a happier time away from his human family when they go out of town. And Michelle will have the peace of mind to fully enjoy her vacation!

By: Stephanie L. Robertson

Rocket City mother, Stephanie L. Robertson, has spent the first part of January helping her family survive the brutal north Alabama winter of 2018.You’ll often find Stephanie braving the elements to gather food at her local Publix.  The winter has been particularly difficult for the animals on their suburban farm—Spike and Snuggles, the family’s black Lab and queenly mutt.  The poor creatures were forced to stay inside and lounge on the sofa as the temperature outside dropped to below 30 degrees. Stephanie maintains a southern lifestyle blog at [].

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