In my experience there is no event more frustrating, energy-sapping, and just plain unpleasant than moving from one living space to another. When I first moved out of my parents house I took EVERYTHING that I have ever owned. The next time I took mostly what I needed, but plenty of superfluous items.

The last time I moved I got rid of everything that I couldn’t take in one trip… In (nearly immediate) hindsight that was not a great plan. It took almost a year to fill the space out in the new apartment. Huntsville being one of the fastest growing cities in the country has people steadily migrating into this unique little slice of the South. For anyone thinking of moving to the Rocket City but dreading the move, College Hunks Hauling Junk are a highly rated and respected moving service that can make the experience less miserable if not enjoyable.

What’s With the Name?! Well, it’s actually a pretty clever acronym.






The company is “the national leader in moving labor and hourly labor services.” They ensure every employee is fully trained and capable of providing the highest level of service before they send them out on any job. Whether it is junk removal, a full-service move, or just a little help with a cumbersome piece of furniture the HUNKS can help.


‚ÄčJunk Removal

If you have some stuff laying around the house or some furniture that you just really don’t need anymore the College HUNKS will come come out and remove those items. They list everything form electronic appliances to mattress disposal on their website. Another awesome service they offer is the “Dumpster Rental Alternative”. This is an alternative to renting one of those eyesore dumpsters to sit in front of your house for the entirety of the job when you clean things out yourself. With this service you can forego the dumpster and just have the HUNKS come by and get rid of everything. 


This is my favorite service that is offered. As I mentioned above I absolutely abhor the experience of moving. College Hunks Hauling Junk has the lowest damage claim rate in the industry according to their website so yo can rest easy knowing that not only do you not have to worry about actually moving, but you also don’t have to worry about your items getting scratched or broken. Another great feature of their services is the “Professional Packing” and more importantly “Unpacking” services. They truly take care of the move from the initial stage to the homey, finished-product. They can also take care of providing moving boxes and package-safety materials. Check out the moving services page for more information.

Commercial Moving

“What about my business, though?” Yeah, don’t worry. They do that too. No matter the business size or whether you are relocating the company or just want to expand with another branch the HUNKS can help you get all of your equipment and furniture to the new space. The logistics of moving a corporate space can be difficult enough without factoring in the actual move so why not let the HUNKS help?


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