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You know how it is. After too many weekends of doing the same things you really just want something new and exciting to do. I mean, there are only so many times you can go to the bar or the movies before you’d rather just stay home. Luckily the Rocket City has at least one option that you might have never considered; Escape rooms. Gather your friends, coworkers, or family members that you think will make the best team and see if your group can solve the rooms.

Huntsville Escape Rooms is conveniently located downtown so that your puzzle solving crew can grab some food or drinks before or after you try to best the escape rooms. If you think you and your friends have what it takes to solve the escape rooms there are a few different options that you can choose.

The Rooms

There are 5 different rooms (experiences) from which to choose. Each room has a back story and a theme. If you follow the link at the top you can navigate to the room descriptions page from their homepage. Groups range from 4-7 players. If one group buys all 7 tickets they can then purchase an 8th ticket (some rooms excluded).

The Informant - 65% Escape Rate - 6-7 Players (See Details For 8th Player)

In this room your team will be tasked with finding information relating to the Mafia, the FBI, and a close friend.

The Psych Ward - 45% Escape Rate - 7 Players Maximum

In this puzzle a patient in the ward, driven mad by the belief that his brother’s death was no accident, but caused by malicious environmental negligence, decides to release a chemical into the city. Your group is tasked with finding clues hidden in the patient’s room that will lead to where the toxin was released.

The Phantom - 60% Escape Rate - 6-7 Players (See Details For 8th Player)

This one is really interesting. The Phantom is a notorious hacker who was arrested after assuming a new identity. Before he was arrested he released a devastating virus that can destroy the internet. Your job is to find the virus and stop it.

The Hexadron - 41% Escape Rate - 6-7 Players (See Details For 8th Player)

This one might be a little heavy for the younger and more sensitive. After Earth is overtaken by an alien race who are genetic code harvesters you must escape before they return to their home planet or you and the other captured humans will be subjected to unspeakable horrors.

The Queen Pin - 20% Escape Rate - 6 Players Maximum

A logic and seemingly physics defying criminal “The Queen Pin” has been arrested, but crimes matching her techniques and skills keep happening despite her incarceration. It is your groups responsibility to discover if and how she is capable of of pulling off these schemes from inside prison.


I think that one of the best aspects of Huntsville Escape Rooms is their emphasis on team-building. Raising morale and creating camaraderie can be a fun experience that doesn’t need to take place in a conference room. Not only would a team-building escape room experience be an enjoyable experience, but it would also give employers and coworkers the opportunity to see which employees work

the best together and how they apply real-wold problem solving skills in a simulated, safe environment that, I daresay, cannot be accomplished through a PowerPoint and a 3 hour lecture. They can accommodate groups ranging from 10 to 75+.

If you would like to explore this option for your team or company follow the link above. There you will find examples of high-profile companies and teams who have used Huntsville Escape Rooms as a team-building exercise. There is a form at the bottom so that you can schedule your group or you can email them at with details of your group’s needs for more information.

By: Josh Holland

Josh Holland is a writer who currently studies writing and literature at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Previously, Josh attended the University of North Alabama in Florence where he also studied writing. While attending UNA, Josh had articles published in both SET Magazine and The Flor-Ala. Josh was also published in the UNA Lights and Shadows Literary Arts Magazine, which focuses on fiction. Josh has experience as a video editor, and often writes scripts for online, text-based video content.

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