11 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Fall is finally here!! There’s no better time to welcome the crisp autumn air than the present. Spruce up your home for the falling of leaves and changing of the seasons with these easy decorating tips and tricks!! 

First: Indoor fall decor ideas… These are easy ways to add a pop of autumn to your every day, most loved spaces!

  1. Grab a few plaid pillows to create a fall haven in any gathering space. 

    TIP: Choose colors that either provide a pop of color for the space (especially reds, oranges, greens, and blues) or keep a more neutral tone (browns, tans, cremes) to unify the space, making the pillows more versatile for year-round use. 
  1. Cozy up your dining room by adding a blanket and a variety of orange, red, and yellow…

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Last week I wrote about the why and how of selling your unwanted stuff and looked at a few places to do so in the Rocket City.

If you need to take things a step further this spring and get some professional assistance cleaning your home, whether it’s just once or on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, look no further than MaidPro of Huntsville!

MaidPro hires the best cleaning professionals they can find to perform their 49 point checklist for a thoroughly immaculate home. “We don't just make the beds, we also clean underneath them. We'll vacuum, polish, and scrub our way through your house until everything is cleaned just the way you want it.”

If you’ve just got one problematic room or two, MaidPro can customize a visit to suit you. They…

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The Christmas and New Year holidays are finally behind us, and hopefully you have been able to get all your holiday décor packed back up and stowed away in the basement or attic.  For many, this leaves your home feeling a little empty or drab.  The New Year is the perfect time to give your home some attention and spruce up your décor.

Your home is your living space and should be decorated to your unique style. My home is extremely unique since it is made from 1800s logs from TN and re-constructed in Madison County, AL in the 1970s. Rocket City is very lucky to have a plethora of unique shops that can help you furnish your home with distinctive décor that will be aesthetically pleasing while showing characteristics of your personal style.


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Letting go of things can be tough. I know there’s the book about “Does it bring you joy?”, but I tend to ask, is it particularly beautiful, particularly useful, or both? If it’s none of those, it’s gotta go.

Spring is a prime time to start thinking about clearing out things that are no longer particularly beautiful or useful in your home... but perhaps might spark joy in someone else's home? It is also great to make a little cash on the things you let go. Spring is around the corner and it’ll soon be time to open windows, air out the house, and maybe toss or sell a few things that are only collecting dust and creating work for you anyway.

My wife and I have recently used the Facebook “marketplace” to great effect to sell a dog kennel, set of…

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The Search for Quality Pet Care

My friend Michelle was in a quandary.  Her family was driving to west Texas to visit family during the holiday, and she needed someone local to care for her high-maintenance fur baby, Rip.

Rip is not an easy pet.  Old age is his main issue.  He’s prone to getting sick and must be given pet meds and shots.  Michelle has boarded him before, but they only took him outside twice for bathroom breaks.  So, Rip was not happy at the kennel—and honestly…who can blame poor Rip? Michelle was at her wit’s end.  It’s not easy to find quality pet care.  Especially at Christmas!

The Solution: Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire & Petz Pack

I wish I’d known about Pet Au Pair Extraordinaire and Petz Pack when Michelle was asking for…

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In my experience there is no event more frustrating, energy-sapping, and just plain unpleasant than moving from one living space to another. When I first moved out of my parents house I took EVERYTHING that I have ever owned. The next time I took mostly what I needed, but plenty of superfluous items.

The last time I moved I got rid of everything that I couldn’t take in one trip… In (nearly immediate) hindsight that was not a great plan. It took almost a year to fill the space out in the new apartment. Huntsville being one of the fastest growing cities in the country has people steadily migrating into this unique little slice of the South. For anyone thinking of moving to the Rocket City but dreading the move, College Hunks Hauling Junk are a highly…

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As 2017 is ending many people are starting to get a head start on planning their remodeling projects for the new year.  For many Rocket City women, a new kitchen remodel is one of the top remodeling projects on the list. Here is a quick guide to the top trends for kitchen remodeling.

Under Cabinet lighting

If your kitchen seems a little dark, or if you like to be able to better control your lighting for candlelight dinners, under cabinet lighting might be a great addition to your kitchen.   This sounds like such a small change but can give you so much more control over your lighting.  When we moved to Huntsville, the kitchen in our log home was very dark.   We had under cabinet lighting installed, and it is by far my favorite feature of my…

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Madison, Alabama resident Tina Jones has always loved to decorate for the holidays. Growing up, she remembers helping her mother put out decorations for the holidays and has continued to enjoy this yearly tradition ever since. This Rocket City local now has a home off of Mill Road in Madison that she enjoys decorating, especially for Halloween and Christmas.

Home in Madison, AL   

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas is her favorite time to decorate and she puts up three main trees in her home. Along with a number of other special decorations like her Christmas dining room table and miniature holiday village. The Christmas china on her tables was handed down to her by her grandmother, and each piece holds a special memory.

The entry way Christmas tree greets you…

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So, your boss tells you that there is a three-day training seminar that would put you in line for that big promotion. That’s awesome, right? Well, if you have a pet the awesome level is tempered by the anxiety of finding a place that will provide the best possible care for your pet while you are away. Last week the blog brought you some of the best veterinary services in the Huntsville area. We feel that a trustworthy pet-sitter is just as important as a trustworthy veterinarian. Below are some of the highest rated pet-sitting services in the Rocket City so whether your travel is business or pleasure, you can rest easy knowing your little loved one is being appropriately cared for.

In-Home Pet Care

Paws & Claws Pet Sitting | 256-859-7533


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