Letting go of things can be tough. I know there’s the book about “Does it bring you joy?”, but I tend to ask, is it particularly beautiful, particularly useful, or both? If it’s none of those, it’s gotta go.

Spring is a prime time to start thinking about clearing out things that are no longer particularly beautiful or useful in your home... but perhaps might spark joy in someone else's home? It is also great to make a little cash on the things you let go. Spring is around the corner and it’ll soon be time to open windows, air out the house, and maybe toss or sell a few things that are only collecting dust and creating work for you anyway.

My wife and I have recently used the Facebook “marketplace” to great effect to sell a dog kennel, set of chairs, floor lamp, and a bike among, other things. Of course there’s always Craigslist, though remember to proceed with caution there, as it’s more difficult to sniff out scams.

There’s a newer app for selling unwanted items called LetGo. I’ve used it myself to sell a washer and dryer. It’s simple enough and pretty user friendly, though it’s tough to beat Facebook for transparency in selling things online, since nearly everyone uses it.

If you need to unload some duds you can’t rock anymore, there are countless consignment shops and thrift stores in the Rocket City, some specializing in women’s clothing, accessories, vintage and children’s wear, home decor. Plato’s Closet, Act II Consignment, Play It Again, Klassy Kids, and Encore Furniture and Decor are just a few places you can offload unwanted clothes and furniture.

Just make sure to check out the style of the shop before taking in a box full of threads. It pays to be mindful of the usual inventory of any given store to maximize your profit. Put another way, I’ve been to a Buffalo Exchange (not currently in Huntsville) with a female friend who came away with mildly hurt feelings after an employee turned down most of the items she brought to sell.

So, save your ego and your time, and do a little research beforehand, then get to gettin’ rid of some stuff!

By: Stephen Locke

Stephen Locke grew up in north Alabama, and returned to find a beautiful wife and East Limestone mutt to call family, after years of toil and revelry afar, and having absorbed the lesson, "Don'tcha think, sometime's it's wise not to grow up?" His true loves include waterfalls, houseplants, architecture, photography, basketball, and whistling along to his favorite guitar solos.

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