Escape rooms are a relatively new concept that have become increasingly popular over the last few years. At first it seems odd that such a thing would become so popular in our society of screens and isolation. This, I think, is why escape games have grasped the imagination of so many. Trapped in Decatur is one such escape room that has started gaining more popularity over the past year.

Escaping the rooms requires quick-thinking, team work, and communication skills that you might not rely on everyday. The rooms conjure up these foundations of human interaction and condense the experience into an hour-long pressure cooker style adventure that will leave you saying “No way that was 60 minutes! …Let’s do another one.” If you went and checked out our suggestion from last week in Huntsville, now you can make a short drive across the bridge to Trapped in Decatur give their rooms a shot.

TiD is a MCRE Rewards Club Member so if you sign up you will get 50-percent off admission at Trapped in Decatur among many exclusive offers at local businesses and restaurants all over the Rocket City. 

The Rooms

Trapped in Decatur’s rooms are situational narrative rooms. This type of room makes for an interesting time as it immerses you not only in the task of escaping, but in the storytelling and characters used to build the lore of the room. Most rooms at TiD do not have an age limit, but they advise that children be at least 10 if attempting a room without adult supervision.

The Morgue (Room min. 2 ; Room max. 8)

After a week of neglect an irritating scratch in your throat has become a near debilitating pain in your throat. You decide to finally go to the doctor to try to get rid of the pestering pain. When you arrive at the office your usual physician is out of town. You are referred to another doctor and consider just waiting for your normal doctor, but your throat hurts so bad that you decide to go see the referred doctor…Dr. G. Reaper… After Dr. Reaper performs a series of tests he diagnoses you with a severe case of tonsillitis that can only be corrected through invasive surgery. Worried, you accept the surgery. Once you are prepped for surgery you are given anesthesia. When you wake up and the anesthetic haze clears you realize that you are not in recovery but the morgue. You know you had better escape before Dr. Reaper comes back. You have exactly 60 minutes before the good Dr.’s return… Good luck.

The Bank Robbery (Room min. 2; Room max. 8)

Great Aunt Amy had been sick for as long as you can remember, but you didn’t know she was that sick! It turns out she has died and left her entire inheritance to you. You feel guilty for being happy, but Aunt Amy probably understands. You go to the bank to take care of all the details and set up an account for the money. While you are there the manager of the bank sees the amount of money you are placing in the account an advises you on some stocks that could make you very rich. Since he seems knowledgable, and is after all, a banker (who can you trust if not a banker?!) you decide to invest in the suggested stock. Later your card is declined so you go back to the bank to sort out the problem, but the bank manager insists that it is you that is at fault for the loss of money and refuses to help. You decide that you will have your revenge one way or the other so you go back to the bank late at night. You have 60 minutes to steal the money before the security system comes online and blows your plan.

Escape from Alcatraz (Room min. 2 ; Room max. 10)

You fell into a bad group of people and got yourself locked up in prison. To make things worse another inmate, seeing his opportunity to shorten his stay, has falsely accused you of murdering a prison guard. The severity of this crime combined with the victim makes it easy for the authorities to send you to Alcatraz. That’s right, “The Rock”. Home to such fine individuals as Al Capone and his ilk. One day you receive a letter from two brothers with a plan to break out. Realizing the bleakness of your situation and the unlikelihood of it getting any better you decide to go with the plan and break out of Alcatraz. You have 60 minutes to gather supplies and get off “The Rock”.

Treasure of the Emerald Isles (Room min. 2 ; Room max 9)

Many a night you’ve spent staring at the green hue of sea water, loyally following Captain “Ten Cannon” Kelly to the ends of the earth on his Ship, The Sea Winch. You stayed with Kelly’s crew a little because of the shared love of the sea and more than a little because of the shared greed that the word “treasure” puts in a man. After all these years the time has finally come. You’ve found the treasure. Once it is on the ship Captain Kelly withdraws into the bowels of the ship and won’t tell anyone where he has put the treasure. You and the crew have as much claim to that treasure as Kelly so you all decide to form a mutiny against the captain and take the treasure before he steals it for good.

By: Josh Holland

Josh Holland is a writer who currently studies writing and literature at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Previously, Josh attended the University of North Alabama in Florence where he also studied writing. While attending UNA, Josh had articles published in both SET Magazine and The Flor-Ala. Josh was also published in the UNA Lights and Shadows Literary Arts Magazine, which focuses on fiction. Josh has experience as a video editor, and often writes scripts for online, text-based video content.



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