It’s common knowledge that regular exercise is essential for our health, but is your workout routine balanced? According to Harvard Medical School, a combination of four types of training is key to maximizing your health returns: aerobics, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Aerobic training, such as jogging or spinning (indoor cycling), benefits respiratory and circulatory functions. Strength programs build muscle to cope with the loss of muscle mass as we age. Balance practices can help with—don’t laugh—everyday things like  crossing the street safely. And if you wonder how all those Instagram yogis get into all those crazy poses, it’s definitely with years of flexibility training, which can improve muscle pain and cramps. Since people tend to do what they enjoy, one or more of these important types of exercise can be ignored. Fortunately, Huntsville residents have no shortage of indoor and outdoor recreational/exercise options.

Here’s a handful of local choices to get you started in your quest for workout equilibrium:

  • Workouts that increase your breathing and heart rate
  • Good for: Heart, lungs, circulatory system
  • Try: Zoom Indoor Cycling

  • Workouts for strengthening your muscles
  • Good for: Muscles, everyday activities like climbing stairs or carrying groceries
  • Try: Superslow Zone

  • Workouts that make you steadier on your feet
  • Good for: Maintaining overall body balance
  • Try: Huntsville Tai Chi

  • Workouts focused on the connective tissues that support your muscles
  • Good for: Mobility, range of motion
  • Try: Yoga Center of Huntsville

For places that cater to all types of exercise, try: YMCA or 24e Health Club. Both offer programs and fitness groups covering each of the four exercise groups.


By; Stephen Locke

Stephen Locke grew up in north Alabama, and returned to find a beautiful wife and East Limestone mutt to call family, after years of toil and revelry afar, and having absorbed the lesson, "Don'tcha think, sometime's it's wise not to grow up?" His true loves include waterfalls, houseplants, architecture, photography, basketball, and whistling along to his favorite guitar solos.

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