Sold out concerts? Don’t dismay. Head down the parkway to Chip’s Music Room, a brand new venue with eclectic offerings for music lovers of all genres. The sultry space, designed by Chip’s daughter, Katy, mixes old school vinyl and state of the art audio technology in a moody cool setting, rich with story. Chip’s Music Room is a testimonial to Chip’s 40 year love affair with music. Music lovers can “get their concert on” three different ways. No ticket necessary.

Chip shares stories about music greats and their contributions to history.

​​​​“I saw Willie [Nelson] before he had a beard.”

1. Grab Some Vinyl

Choose from a large selection of vinyl records. Patrons looking for a cheap music feel can select a 45 RPM from Chip’s extensive collection for a mere dollar and change. Newly remastered and vintage 33s are also available. CDs and other music memorabilia line the walls.


2.) Design a Sound System

Looking for a sound system that rattles the windows? Look no further. With over 40 years of experience installing and designing sound systems for his company, Residential Technologies, Chip can create a design solution to meet your listening needs and budget. From entire systems, to receivers, speakers, and turntables, Chip’s Music Room has it all.

“There are people that can’t breathe without music.”   ~ Chip

3.) Hear The Story

More than anything else, Chip’s Music Room is about the experience. Chip has immersed his life in music. His tally of concerts is more than he can count. But it’s the songwriters that grab his soul. Chip hopes to nurture that talent by offering Jam Sessions in the intimate setting of the Music Room. Other planned events include special documentary viewing parties. Check Chip's Music Room Facebook page for details.

Head south to soak up some ambience, and hear a story. Maybe grab some vinyl. Or add a stereo component to your Christmas wish list.

By; Martha Jordan

Martha Jordan is a technical writer and freelance blogger. A consummate storyteller, she worked as a tour guide at the Jack Daniel distillery before focusing full time on her writing career. Read more stories:, Energy Alabama, Beneath The Rocket


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