Jarrell family trips to Youngstown, Ohio, always require a stop at locally born Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt. In March, the drive for the world-class (more on that later) frozen treat got much shorter when Madison resident Rick Jarrell opened a Handel’s franchise at 7086 Highway 72 West, in Watercress Plaza.

“My wife is from Youngstown. Every time we go to visit we stop and get our Handel’s fix,” says Jarrell, a Birmingham native who is retired from the IT department at Blue Cross/Blue Shield. “My wife said we should bring Handel’s to Huntsville.”

Turns out that was a good suggestion. Business has been hopping since Day One, with fans forming long lines to enjoy a frozen treat that is made daily on the premises. Eight walk-up…

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According to The Village People, “It’s fun to stay at the YMCA.” Turns out, the 1978 disco video was (kind of) historically accurate. The YMCA was founded in 1844 by George Williams of London, UK, as a place for young men to engage in Christian discussion as an alternative to brothels and saloons

FUN FACT: Both Volleyball and Basketball were invented in YMCA gymnasiums!

YMCA’s Mission remains unchanged:

Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for ALL.

On an October Saturday, the Hogan Family YMCA of Madison City, Alabama is a community hot spot. The outdoor fields buzz with soccer. Exercise rooms and gymnasium pulse with activity as sweat-drenched athletes of all ages…

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As one is looking into a certain area as a potential place to live, they may be interested in learning about the area’s history. The Huntsville/Madison, Alabama area has a very rich history. From being the home of the historic Twickenham district, to becoming an important part of America’s Space Program (NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center) and its Department of Defense Program (housed on Redstone Arsenal Army Base and supported by surrounding Defense Industry contractors.) However, before most of that, there was one man who is responsible for putting Madison, Alabama on the map and, consequently, bringing opportunity to the expansion of the Greater Huntsville/Madison Metro area. That man’s name was James Clemens. Here are four interesting facts about the…

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In September and October, the wind rustles in the trees.

The moon is full and round…like a plump pumpkin,

And the anticipation of Trick-or-Treat is in the air….

Every year in September and October, families enjoy a historical treat of stories of old Huntsville at the Huntsville Ghost Walk.  

A team of about 13 history enthusiasts and local professionals bring Huntsville’s past alive with their well-researched and well-documented tales.  Your family is sure to be educated and gain new insight about our town from these master storytellers.

The historical districts of Huntsville and downtown area is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in our state.  The tours will give you a bit of a backstory to some of the sites you may pass by…

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I enjoy going to great local places and trying amazing food. I love the FAB FOUR:  Great food, incredible service, amazing deals, and ambiance (a fancy way of saying atmosphere). When these four magnificent elements align, I’m in foodie heaven.  

So, trust me when I check out a new place, you will get the complete details of the FAB FOUR !!!

The Food

I’m a breakfast fan, who will eat breakfast day or night. So, I adore BRUNCH.  It’s my perfect excuse to eat breakfast in the middle of the day. I ordered the amazing Floridian Omelet meal with a fruit bowl. This delicious coastal meal came with a fluffy cream-cheese filled 3 egg omelet, topped with luscious garlic sautéed crab meat, Monterey jack cheese, and garnished with the perfect amount of…

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Huntsville, Alabama is known as a “tech city”. Located within the city are prestigious companies and organizations like Boeing, NASA, and Redstone Arsenal. Huntsville has seen rapid growth in a relatively short amount of time, and is projected to become the biggest city in Alabama. With all of this urban development it’s easy to get excited about the possibilities of entertainment, food, and merchandise that could come to Huntsville, but let’s not forget about one of Huntsville’s most attractive features; natural beauty. 

Whether you are a lifelong resident, live in the city for college, or are on a business trip, nothing clears the mind and expands the heart quite like a good hike through nature, and Huntsville most certainly has you covered. The Land…

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Summarizing Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment in just one post is kinda like trying to describe the universe to someone who has never seen nor experienced it.

Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

You may have seen the old Lowe Mill water tower from the Parkway without even realizing that it pinpoints what LM’s website calls the largest privately-owned arts facility in the United States.”

Even Lowe Mill’s location is a bit quirky to Huntsville. It’s tucked away on 2211 Seminole Drive, away from the usual paths you may take.

Lowe Mill is housed in an old cotton mill that was converted into a huge arts and entertainment venue with rows of studios and shops.

Lowe Mill Exterior

Unique Artistic Variety

Whether you’re into the culinary arts or the fine arts, Lowe…

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