Looking for a one-of- a-kind coffee house in the Huntsville area? Of course, the Tennessee Valley has the typical coffee franchises found in most mid-sized towns…Which is a good thing. I mean, I enjoy theirs as much as the next guy. But I’m talking about those unique little hole-in- the-wall places that only the locals know about. So, just for you guys, I hit what I call the Huntsville Coffee Trail today!

I was surprised by how many of those local coffee shops are available to us. But my biggest surprise was the diverse vibes I got from visiting each one. It’s like a totally different coffee culture within a fifteen-mile radius. In one afternoon, I visited and sampled the best our town had to offer.

Grounded Coffee

Chris and his wife Katie…

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If you’re looking for a place in the Huntsville/ Madison area that serves delicious food while promoting a healthy lifestyle, then you might want to check out The Juicery Press! The Juicery Press is a family owned, and husband and wife operated juice shop in Madison that has a variety of the finest juice drinks made from all-natural ingredients.

The juices are made from a hydraulic press that presses thousands of pounds of pressure to gently squeeze out 3 to 5 times more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes and are turned into the cleanest, longest lasting, and best tasting raw juice in North Alabama. The process has minimal oxidation and zero heat to ensure that their juices are the cleanest and freshest juices their customers have ever tasted.

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Between work, getting the kids to school, and all of the craziness that is life It is sometimes difficult to find the time to spend what I refer to as “entertainment time” with the family. Although life makes it challenging to do this, that challenge also makes the time spent with family all the more pleasant. What better way to get the most out of family time than a family adventure?

The Earlyworks Children's History Museum


The Earlyworks Children’s Museum is an interactive museum that allows children to explore not only the museum but also their minds. The entire museum is an exploration area where kids can touch, climb and play. The museum has interactive history displays where kids can learn about our state’s past and even sign the…

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The TN Valley as a whole has been more aware of hockey as sport over the last year, with the Nashville Predators, making it to the Stanley Cup final. While we have been lured into hockey at the national level, we would be remiss to not acknowledge the lively, local hockey team, the Huntsville HavocThe Huntsville Havoc has been a part of the Huntsville community since its inaugural season in 2004. The team has consistently made the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) playoffs in 11 of its 13 year tenure in Huntsville. From its inception the Huntsville Havoc has exceeded the SPHL league average attendance for games and with the increased interest in hockey, this unlikely to change. So, why do more people go to Huntsville Havoc games than other SPHL…

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Sold out concerts? Don’t dismay. Head down the parkway to Chip’s Music Room, a brand new venue with eclectic offerings for music lovers of all genres. The sultry space, designed by Chip’s daughter, Katy, mixes old school vinyl and state of the art audio technology in a moody cool setting, rich with story. Chip’s Music Room is a testimonial to Chip’s 40 year love affair with music. Music lovers can “get their concert on” three different ways. No ticket necessary.

Chip shares stories about music greats and their contributions to history.

​​​​“I saw Willie [Nelson] before he had a beard.”

1. Grab Some Vinyl

Choose from a large selection of vinyl records. Patrons looking for a cheap music feel can select a 45 RPM from Chip’s extensive…

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It’s common knowledge that regular exercise is essential for our health, but is your workout routine balanced? According to Harvard Medical School, a combination of four types of training is key to maximizing your health returns: aerobics, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Aerobic training, such as jogging or spinning (indoor cycling), benefits respiratory and circulatory functions. Strength programs build muscle to cope with the loss of muscle mass as we age. Balance practices can help with—don’t laugh—everyday things like  crossing the street safely. And if you wonder how all those Instagram yogis get into all those crazy poses, it’s definitely with years of flexibility training, which can improve muscle pain and cramps. Since people tend to do…

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With a name like Batter Up Cake Bakery, you know there is a sports fan behind the scenes. That would be owner Alyson Pomeroy, who these days wields a spatula instead of a leather mitt, making colorful confections for special celebrations and single-serve treats for customers needing a shot of sugar.

“Sports and baseball have always been part of our family,”  says the Huntsville native and Chicago Cubs fan, who played basketball and softball in college, then watched her children play baseball and softball. It was while brainstorming with other parents when she was dreaming up her business plan that the pun Batter Up hit a home run.

My mother did this when I was younger,”  Pomeroy says of how s he chose a kitchen profession. “She owned a catering…

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If you’re moving to the Huntsville area, perhaps you should check out the arts side of our community. A fun way for children to get involved in the arts is through The Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theatre.

The Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theatre (FPCT) was established in 1961 by local parents who wanted to provide a theatre experience for their children. And, over the years it has grown into the leading theater arts education organization in North Alabama.

FPCT attract​​​​​s the highest caliber of theatre artists, technicians, and performers, and performs for 12,000 audience members every year at the Von Braun Center Playhouse. Each production requires at least 350 volunteers on and off stage for each production. Individual casts feature local…

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What’s a family to do on those rain-soggy winter days when it’s too wet to play outside?

Have you ever considered giving your brood a brush and try painting?

Even your youngest can plunge a pudgy little palm in finger paint, enjoying the color and texture. To this day I still have pages of artwork from my baby. It’s okay if your baby gets messy. Trust me, they wash up well!

Painting with or without brushes is good for motor skill development and for building new cognitive experiences in young children.

Ages ago when I was in college, I attended a seminar by Adele Faber, parenting expert and author of How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk. One of her suggestions for helping an over-stimulated, frustrated kid was for a…

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Does Altitude Trampoline Park take indoor play to a whole new level?

Hunstville and Madison County residents know that north Alabama is amazing place to raise a family. As the area continues to attract growing families, business owners are taking note and starting to provide more entertainment based business targeted at indoor family entertainment. One of the newest additions is the Altitude Trampoline Park in Huntsville. The park is located next to the Target on University Drive in Westside Centre and boasts it is the largest trampoline park in AL. They offer a calendar events with reserved times and special deals for toddlers, home schoolers, college students, and teens. The park also offers group events, fundraising events and birthday parties!

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