Rent to Own powered by HALO

Rent to Own, powered by HALO, is a residential lease-to-own program designed for people who are ready to own a home but cannot qualify for a mortgage.

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How It Works:

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1. Qualify For The Prograrm
An MC agent will meet with you to help determine eligibility for the program. If you meet the basic criteria, you’ll submit your HALO loan application for pre-approval.

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2. Choose Your Home
Your MC agent will work with you and HALO to help you find your dream home! The good news, you can choose from any home that's listed for sale.

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3. Home Purchase
HALO will work with your MC agent to purchase your home with an all cash competitive offer and will handle the inspection and appraisal.

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4. Lease Your Home from HALO & Move In!
After HALO closes on your new home, you get to move in! You will lease the home from HALO for up to 18 months as you work to qualify for a mortgage.

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5. Repair Your Credit & Qualify For a Mortgage
Don't worry, we know the process of credit repair can be daunting. HALO partners with credit specialists who will help you develop a financial plan to qualify for a mortgage.

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6. Purchase Your Home
You can purchase your home from HALO at any time during the life of the lease. Once you qualify for a mortgage, you purchase your home from HALO at the predetermined price using your lender of choice.

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